Sherpany Brand Anniversary: 5 years revolutionising Board meetings

Sherpany. Where does this name come from? To understand you would have to climb a mountain but this time we will make it easier for you. We were inspired by the special inhabitants of the Himalayas - the Sherpa people.

What do they do? Why are they such an inspiration for a company located kilometers away, in another continent? Well, the Sherpas are fearless trekkers and not only do they climb mountains, they also support others in doing so. That is the kind of company we are: expanding innovative technology, we back those that are up to the challenge of reaching and staying on top.

2012 marked the starting point of this climb. Back then, we started to support leaders worldwide with the first investor service platform to allow e-voting. Soon after we launched Sherpany, our award-winning software for paperless meetings, with the aim to revolutionise meetings and to transform them into effective value creators for Boards of Directors and entire leadership teams.

Fearless of heights, we kept refining our products while offering a premium customer service. At the same time, we kept climbing our own mountains too: in 2014 our CEO, Tobias Häckermann, got recognised by EY as finalist of Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Sherpany made it to the list  of the Best of Swiss Apps (BOSA) (2015). This year, Sherpany won a Stevie Silver Award in the 'Mobile Site & App' category, and recently, both our iOS and Windows Apps are nominated (again) for the Best of Swiss Apps (BOSA) 2017 awards.

Focused on expansion and expertise, we reached France, Italy, Austria, and Sweden while delivering a redesigned Sherpany App for iPad, Windows and iPhone. In 2017, Sherpany is the fastest growing startup in Switzerland and the leading European provider of digital meeting solutions, delivering its service to some of Europe's largest companies.

200% of growth and 5 years of continuous innovation. Today? Pride, enthusiasm and ambition. Let’s keep climbing, shall we?

Einblicke und Ressourcen


Einblicke und Ressourcen

Sherpany bietet Unternehmensnews, Fachartikel, exklusive Interviews, Fallstudien und Best Practices zur Digitalisierung und Transformation der Meeting-Kultur von Verwaltungsräten, Führungskräften, Generalsekretären und Generaldirektionen.

Beispiele umfassen Inhalte zu:

  • Board Portalen und Meeting-Management-Softwares
  • Digitalisierung und digitale Sitzungen
  • Verwaltung & Compliance
  • Effiziente Leitung

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