Andrea Ratzenberger, AISCA & Sherpany
Co-founder and Board Member of AISCA | VP Sales and Marketing at Sherpany

AISCA: a new pillar of the Italian Corporate Secretaries

Sherpany: AISCA (Associazione Italiana Segretari del Consiglio di Amministrazione) is a newly founded Italian Association for Corporate Secretaries (CSs) of Board of Directors. Can you tell us more about it and its vision?

Andrea: AISCA was born to satisfy a concrete need for the CSs in Italy. The idea of the founding started more than one year ago when I was participating in an event on the role of the CSs today. A two-days event was simply not enough to give an answer to all raised issues that ranged from the creation of minutes for board meetings to 'how to better manage the communication within the Board'.

This is why AISCA was born. The Association aims to provide theoretical and practical support to the functions, competences and activities of the Secretary of the Board of Directors, to share the best practices and tools for the effective conduct of the secretary's activities and to participate in the regulatory framework debate concerning this role.

Sherpany: Italian Corporate Secretaries have different requirements from Corporate Secretaries across other European countries. What was the market's need for AISCA? And in what way does the Association fulfill this need?

Andrea: I do not believe that Corporate Secretaries in Italy have significantly different needs from other European countries. Recording minutes of the board’s actions, making sure that Board Members are kept informed and documented properly, being compliant with the national legal requirements are examples of how common the ground in this sector is, internationally. I would go even beyond, because I believe, at least in Europe, there will be a significant alignment of the best practices.

Therefore, the need for a Corporate Secretary is similar everywhere: having a forum where to share their specific corporate experiences, the ones that law and textbooks do not cover, and ultimately having a reference point. AISCA fulfills this need by offering a place where CSs can be always up to date, can learn from each other, and by doing this, start molding the best practices.

SherpanyIf a Corporate Secretary or someone with similar responsibilities wishes to become a member of AISCA, how can they apply? And more importantly, what can they expect from the Association in terms of know-how, events and networking?

Andrea: In order to become a member, all CSs need to fulfill the requirements foreseen in the statute of AISCA and can easily apply following the instructions present in the website (www.aisca.it).

AISCA is still young, but has received a vast attention across companies in Italy. This is why its members already have the opportunity to meet prominent speakers and leading CSs of Italy, improve their own professional network and discover new realities, establish confrontation moments and personal contacts in its own sector and much more. The synergies are various and if you contact AISCA, you will discover which are the ones that match your specific needs as a CS.

SherpanyYou recently hosted a successful AISCA event in Italy. Will there be similar events in the future?

Andrea: Our first event, held in Milan on 26 September 2017, had an exceptional field of speakers and was very well attended. We want to continue in this direction and we are already working on the next event which shall take place before the next summer holidays.

AISCA, 26th of September 2017 Milan, Italy

Sherpany: It must be both challenging and stimulating to develop AISCA. What are your future plans in regards to the Association? What do you envision happening with AISCA midterm to long term?

Andrea: Challenges are a natural ingredient to all initiatives that have a significant impact. In the following years we want to ensure a larger number of associates and increase our visibility internationally. In the midterm, we want to confirm ourselves for the present and future generations of CS as their reference point and continue promoting, supporting and shedding light on the crucial role of the Secretary of the Board.

Sherpany: Thank you for the interview, Andrea.

Andrea Ratzenberger, AISCA & Sherpany
Andrea Ratzenberger, AISCA & Sherpany
Co-founder and Board Member of AISCA | VP Sales and Marketing at Sherpany
Andrea Ratzenberger is Co-founder and Board Member of AISCA, as well as, VP Sales and Marketing. He is an expert in Economics and Business Internationalization. Andrea speaks five languages fluently, holds three master degrees, and he is responsible for supporting the digitization process of Executive teams and Board of Directors.

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