Sherpany App: Gold and Silver awards winner of the Best of Swiss Apps 2017

Sherpany: Sherpany just became second time award-winner of the Best of Swiss Apps in 2017 winning Gold at the Enterprise category and Silver at the Business category. What motivated you to enter this year's Best of Swiss Apps edition? And how did you feel when you heard Sherpany App was the Gold winner of this prestigious prize?  

Tobias Häckermann (CEO Sherpany): Excited! The interesting part about winning the top prize at the Best of Swiss Apps 2017 Gala is that during the ceremony we were not included in the presentation of the shortlist, in the Enterprise category. So we thought 'well, that's that'. Moments later they announced 'and the winner in the category Enterprise is - Sherpany'. 

We were taken by surprise and very happy at the same time. We are proud to be honored with the Gold award for Sherpany 3. We have spent a lot of time and effort rebuilding the entire Sherpany App, making it more user centered, focusing on the job to be done of leaders steering with meetings. Sherpany 3 has an elegant design and it is remarkably simple, though very powerful for managing meetings effectively. It’s unique in its market.

Best of Swiss Apps Awards 2017 

Sherpany:There have been some exciting product developments since Sherpany won two Bronze prizes at Best of Swiss Apps 2015. Could you share with us some of the challenges of developing an award-winning App?

Tobias Häckermann (CEO Sherpany): We had two major challenges. Unlike most of the participating Apps, our challenge was not to build an App on a green field, instead we had to rebuild the 2nd generation of our Sherpany app from scratch. This meant dealing with the paradox of handling data driven experience and high expectations from existing users while, at the same time, designing with a free mind.

The second challenge was, that in order to be successful we had to concentrate all our efforts and resources into rebuilding the new app at the expense of the old. From an outside perspective this looked like an 18 month standstill. This had a negative impact on the motivation and dedication of our employees, ultimately leading to frustration and resignation. 

On the other hand, customers started doubting whether or not they have chosen the right partner. Once we started releasing Sherpany 3 it was a great pleasure to see all this tension go away and the trust coming back.

Sherpany: What are the main differences between Sherpany back then and Sherpany now? And what are the key differentiators that make Sherpany a winning app?

Tobias Häckermann (CEO Sherpany):  Back in 2015, we participated with the Sherpany Windows App. This year, we competed with all our platforms: Sherpany 3 for Windows 10 and iOS (iPad, iPhone). All interfaces of the App have been redesigned and reengineered  with the purpose of simplifying and aligning experience across platforms.

WIth Sherpany 3 we have launched a cross-platform experience when it comes to managing leadership meetings. No need to familiarise with different platforms anymore. Once you know Sherpany 3, you are free to chose any device you wish and it’s always the same pleasant experience.

Sherpany: Sherpany focuses on innovation and development, and manages to offer a premium, user-friendly and elegant meeting management software for Boards and leaders. What is to be expected from Sherpany App in terms of innovation and development in the next years?

Tobias Häckermann (CEO Sherpany): At Sherpany, we have an innovation cycle delivering a major release every 1.25 years. That's about the innovation speed of Apple. In terms of development, we are expecting a big shift on all platforms in Q2 2018 with the release of Sherpany 4. This will, firstly, support Corporate Secretaries. By restructuring workflows, we are giving them even more time back in their preparation of  formal meetings. It’s a major improvement in the user flow. Meeting Organisers will get their jobs done with less searches, less clicks and less actions within the Sherpany 4.

Secondly, Sherpany 4 addresses Board Members and Directors by offering them a new feature called: loopings®. This will allow leaders (e.g. Chairperson, CEOs, CFOs, division managers etc.) to have a holistic view of a specific topic or project. So, for example, when discussing the annual  budget for the next year, members can see what has been discussed in the last 5 years on the topic 'budgeting' with a single click. More on that will follow once we have released Sherpany 4.

Sherpany: Thank you for this interview.

Einblicke und Ressourcen


Einblicke und Ressourcen

Unsere Inhalte unterstützen Führungskräfte dabei, ihre Meetings zum Erfolg zu machen und ihre Unternehmensziele zu erreichen. Dazu gehören: Experteninterviews, Artikel, White Papers, Leitfäden und Fallstudien.

Unsere Inhalte legen einen Fokus auf folgende Themen:

  • Meeting Management
  • Digitale Transformation
  • Agile Führung

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