How to improve the quality of your leadership meetings

What do time, productivity, people engagement and confidentiality have in common?

Not much at a first glance, but when you add one key ingredient: meetings, then it all gets connected. Meetings are powerful business tools and if managed properly, then they can enhance the productivity of a company. In other words, a company's success depends on turning meetings into efficient, time saving, engaging tools.

How is the meeting madness affecting companies and what are the risks?

Time. The number of hours executives spend in meetings increased by 130% in the past 50 years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. So, it seems that leaders spend up to 23 hours on average, each week, in meetings. This points out to a rising problem in the corporate environment: the meeting madness.
Productivity. 80% of a leader's time is devoted to issues that account for less than 20% of a company's long-term value-added activities and initiatives. Only 12% believe that their meetings consistently produce decisions on important strategic or organisational matters. This leads to a feeling of failure, with 67% of the meetings being considered a waste of time by executives. This has a financial impact on companies as well, with estimated losses in productivity of nearly $37 billion every year in the U.S. alone.

People engagement. Research shows that 55% of the participants to a meeting find it useless, with 43% believing that the topics are irrelevant and 1 out of 10 falling asleep at least once during any given session. Good meeting practices engage people to consistently generate excellent ideas and achieve great results, thus making meetings far more productive.

Confidentiality. Safety should be of major concern for the entire organisation, given that, according to studies, a computer is being hacked every 39 seconds. Statistics reveal that 44% percent of employees share work devices with others without supervision, 46% admitted to transferring files between work and personal computers when working from home and 34% have unique passwords for any site they visit. As a result of these practices, global cybercrime damage costs are expected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.Confidentiality-Meeting-Management-Sherpany

What can leaders do to improve the quality and safety of their meetings, and their data?

Time. Every second counts when leaders gather to discuss the future of their organisation. So, meeting preparation becomes essential and last minute updates are detrimental, especially when participants need to search through bulks of paper right before, or during meetings.

Private annotations on a digital meeting tool that feels just like paper, a quick overview of last minute changes on all meeting topics and a compliant archive of all documents, can greatly improve the pre-meeting preparation and meeting experience itself.

Productivity. Unproductive meetings should not be part of leaders' routine. To ensure efficiency and productivity in the era of digital transformation and digitisation, leaders can opt for a meeting software that adds value to their sessions. By digitising their meetings, leaders will have access to relevant information in matters of seconds. It will also help participants exchange thoughts on the same topic/s through collaborative features, saving precious time.

People engagement. A good meeting starts before the meeting. When participants understand their role in the meeting and what is the desired outcome, they are much more inclined to engage during the sessions and achieve the end result. Thus, training on meeting best practices and personalised on-boarding of meeting tools, can lead to improved efficiency and greater performance.

Confidentiality. Strong security cannot be localised within a certain department, or with a group of IT experts. It needs to spread from top to bottom, across all levels of the organisation. Only then leaders can have an understanding of the real security issues and are able to prevent and defend against potential attacks through continuous monitoring.

This stands true for external stakeholders as well. Opting for a fully compliant with data protection regulations, such as for example the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), internationally certified and secure provider is an important step towards guaranteeing the highest levels of organisational safety.


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