Joining the conversation: Sherpany attended the ALFI European Asset Management Conference

Sherpany recently attended this ALFI European Asset Management Conference's edition, which took place beginning of March, 5th and 6th, in Luxembourg.

The ALFI conference is the annual forum where the European asset management community (investors, asset managers, fund administrators and selectors etc.) gathers to debate upon strategic issues, innovation in operations, asset allocation and many other industry-related topics. The event brought together approximately 600 participants, from around 25 countries, and expert speakers from large organisations such as BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, M&G International Investments S.A., the Luxembourg's Minister of Finance and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), to name a few.

Participants examined the 4 Ps of asset management: Product, Progress, People & Prediction. Among them, there was Daniel Tin, Sherpany's representative and meeting expert. He agreed to share with us a few details on the ALFI conference.

Sherpany: What are the key business developments on asset management discussed at this ALFI's edition?

Daniel Tin: The key business developments of this year's ALFI EAM conference where mainly around the 4P's - Product, Progress, People and Prediction. After a very warm welcome and introduction by Denise Voss (Chairman of ALFI) and Nathalie Reuter (Master of Ceremony), the audience and attendees were smoothly guided into and through sessions around the industry's (r)evolution and the development/evolution of pension schemes. The focus was on highlighting topics like "sustainability" and the asset managers role in financing sustainable growth.

Following, there were some interesting sessions around the fate of securitisation with Christian Hertz (LIS), Frank Mausen (Allen & Overy) and Sven Ulbrich (CAPSENSIXX AG), providing a deep dive into securitisation and securities lending. Questions from Human Resources and how leaders of tomorrow can be attracted in a continuously transforming world of technology, and how the transformation through technology itself can improve the way we work in the future, were also very interesting and well analysed by Sigrid Nygaard Johansen (KNEIP), James Dening (Europe Automation Anywhere) and Jan Sturesson (Resting - Advise from the future).

Additionally, the overall topic of UK leaving the European Union wasn't missed, and sessions focusing on the impact on the finance industry, people and organisations' charts were highlighted and followed up with a session provided by Denise Voss and H.E. John Marshall, the British Ambassador to Luxembourg, on "Tick tock goes the Brexit clock".

The second day was dedicated and focused on topics of strategic positioning in a low fee environment, climate changes, sustainable finance and the economical outlook. Hot topics were also M&A trends in the management company industry - consolidating the M&A and highlighting indicators of who will survive. In the afternoon, the main themes of discussion were the implementation of the fourth AML Directive (Anti-Money-Laundering Directive) and their practical consequences for the Asset Managers industry, as well as, the priorities of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) for the asset management community, prior to the closing speech of Luxembourg's Finance Minister, H.E. Pierre Gramegna.

Sherpany: What changes will the new politics and regulations bring to the industry's current status quo?

Daniel Tin: ​​​​​​The implementation of the fourth Anti-Money-Laundering Directive, also called AMLD IV, is coming with many new obligations and consequences. Overall, it is enforcing the requirements of Transparency and Compliance within financial companies and across the entire KYC & KYD (Know-Your-Clients & Know-Your-Distribution) chain. A great and very detailed overview of the entire obligations and consequences, provided by the Luxembourgish company Allen & Overy, can be found at this link.

Sherpany: Why bring Sherpany meeting software to a conference like ALFI?

Daniel Tin: There are many FinTech providers and IT solutions available, and also a few are exhibiting at the ALFI EAM conference. They all address and support a better transparency, an enhanced compliance and improved governance across the AM industry, their ways of distribution, their funds performance, AR supported validation of cross-border regulations and many other aspects. But, what about the communication, internally and within the leadership teams or towards clients and stakeholders, while being able to comply with the GDPR at the same time? Sherpany is filling a gap by providing a digital solution that enables a secure, more efficient and transparent communication, and it is a very good completion of the FinTech support portfolio in Luxembourg.

Sherpany: How do you see Sherpany's contribution to the asset management community?

Daniel Tin: ​​​​​​Sherpany's meeting management solution is not only able to support the multiple mandates an Asset Manager can have, but it also increases the transparency and the compliance across the entire communication chain in order to help the finance industry provide a more secure and transparent way of communication. This results in better governance and a more attractive offering for companies who work with or use Sherpany. It makes a difference in the communication of either the client with his investors and shareholders, or leadership/management's internal communication. Sherpany is bridging the connection between the daily core business of the AM/Finance industry and the communication between externals, clients and leadership teams.

Details about the ALFI European Asset Management Conference at events.alfi.lu

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