Key takeaways from the Zurich Economic Impulse

Founded in 2016, the Zurich Economic Impulse is an event that aims to connect entrepreneurship and politics on one platform that encourages open dialogue. The founder, Corine Blesi, believes that through discussions and networking the event can help tackle the gap between politics and the economy in Switzerland.

Organised on a yearly basis, this edition took place on the 10th of April, at the Seminarhotel Bocken, in the Swiss city of Horgen. The CEO of Six, Jos Dijsselhof, the CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, Dr. Marianne Janik, the CEO of Credit Suisse in Switzerland, Dr. Thomas Gottstein were among the guests invited to the event, among many more politicians and business representatives.

Part of the Swiss corporate and start-up scene, Sherpany could not miss participating at the Zurich Economic Impulse and was represented by meeting expert, Moritz Krähenmann. Here are some of his learnings following the event:

Sherpany: What convinced you to participate at this year's edition of Zurich Economic Impulse? What were the topics of discussion?

Moritz Krähenmann: It was mainly the interesting speakers: Dr. Marianne Janik (CEO of Microsoft Switzerland), Jos Dijsselhof (CEO of SIX) to name a few, and the topics approached. For example, the workshop of the HSLU (The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) was very insightful.

The main focus of the event was on how Swiss economy, its marketplace, and companies (startups, as well) stay successful. Its message was around the importance of strong education, great talents, innovation and safety. The most appealing part for me was the “generation management” workshop because it brought up the topic of digitalisation. It was quite interesting to hear what more experienced people in leading positions say about how they deal and accept this change.

Sherpany: Whose speech did you enjoy the most and why?

Moritz Krähenmann: The speech from Microsoft CEO, Dr. Marianne Janik. She spoke about digitalisation, the reasons why we should take some risks and that the "older generations" have to learn how digital tools work. She explained it well how, sometimes, it is hard from an experienced, leading position to go back to "learning". However, it is key and it is the only way to continue improvement. Otherwise, it can be too late for a company, or at least very dangerous, to have to wait for the next generation to take over and bring the changes.

Sherpany: Why was it important for Sherpany as a Swiss startup to be present at the Zurich Economic Impulse?

Moritz Krähenmann: The event was a great opportunity to build up trust with existing and potential customers, as well as, fellow startups and to learn from their experiences. All in all, a good moment to share with them more about the Sherpany meeting management solution, and our key initiatives for the future.

Sherpany:If you had to summarise the event in one sentence, what would that be?

Moritz Krähenmann: It was a highly interesting event with many great speakers who reminded everyone that the leading position of Switzerland is not granted forever, and that we have to keep working hard to maintain it and stay ahead.

Einblicke und Ressourcen


Einblicke und Ressourcen

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