#3 How to inform your Board Members of what's new

How to send notifications to the Board Members?

Once you have uploaded your last documents and adapted the final settings, the meeting is ready to be published. In order to inform your Board Members about the newly published content, the notification feature is at your service (envelope icon on the lower right side of the screen). Check the list of recipients (as a default, all invited Board Members are being suggested) and write your personal message to them. The message will be sent both as an email and as a push notification to your user's tablets. It will also be displayed on the cover page of the Boardbook. Both address and salutation are provided by the system automatically.

Please note that the Assistants to the Board Members are not automatically notified given that most of them have access to the mailbox of the Board Member they assist. Should you change the meeting content, take advantage of the notification function again to inform your Board Members about the most recent changes.


How do Board Members see what's new?

In addition to the email and push notification, updates are highlighted inside the App. Newly published or modified meetings and library documents appear in an additional tab named "Updates", located next to the "Archive" and "Upcoming" tabs. Updated content is marked with a coloured circle and the number is indicated in brackets. In case a member opens the App and new content is available, a pop-up on the top right informs the member about it.


What can Board Members do in case they have questions?

In case of questions regarding the meeting content of your Boardroom, Board Members will most likely get in touch with their Admin directly. In the web environment, the contact information of the Admin is displayed when clicking on the "?" icon.

Should you have questions regarding the Boardroom App, the Sherpany team is happy to help 24/7 via hotline +41 44 515 89 60 or via e-Mail support@board.sherpany.com (displayed in the lower right corner of the locked app screen). In order to shorten the loop and provide an ideal service to your Board Members, feel free to encourage them to call us directly during office hours.


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