#6 New features: setting up a meeting in no time

Sherpany Boardroom has a new set of features especially designed to improve the meeting creation process. Available now to all our customers, Copy & Paste of an Agenda, magic Document Allocation and Clone Meetings will help you set up a meeting in no time. Know the details here.

Copy & Paste your Agendas

In most cases, the starting point to create a meeting is a drafted agenda, typically in a MS Word document or a Google Doc. Now, you can copy and paste the agenda from one of these sources and insert it directly into your Sherpany Boardroom meeting. Both numbers and bullet points lists are accepted - just copy the full agenda and paste as the Agenda of your meeting.

Please note that, to ensure readability, the maximum agenda sub-levels are two. To be truly efficient you may consider adopting this format for all your agendas. Example:

1. Corporate Governance
1.1 Corporate Governance Report
1.1.1 Corporate Governance Workshop

You can easily use an undo option, in case you decide to create your agenda items manually. Please click on the video below to watch an example:


Try our magic Document Allocation feature

We are proud to present you with a magic new feature: automatic Document Allocation. Don't waste your time manually adding documents to the corresponding agenda items. Now you can do it automatically. Match the name of a document and the title of the agenda item and allocate multiple documents in just one action.

We recommend you to use document titles that are as similar as possible to your agenda item titles. Click on top of the video below to see how to do it.


Clone your Meetings

Have you ever found yourself creating a meeting very similar to an existing one? Well, that's the perfect moment to try the 'Clone Meeting' feature. Clone a meeting - this action will copy the agenda items and the corresponding duration, presenter and agenda item title. You will still be able to edit the agenda item title and other details if you have to.

Be aware that this action will not copy the documents attached to each item - use the magic Document Allocation to do so or proceed to do it manually.


For more news and best practice recommendations, please visit our Admin Academy.

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About Admin Academy

We are happy to announce the launch of the Sherpany Admin Academy- a repository of knowledge for the optimal usage of Sherpany Boardroom. Here, we will regularly provide our Administrator Community with news and best practice recommendations for the optimal administration of the Boardroom.

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