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#8 Sherpany Boardroom 3 App for Windows

Discover the App on your Windows 10 computer

Are you working on a desktop computer running on Windows 10? Do you know that you have two alternative ways to access Sherpany Boardroom?

Besides the usual Web access, you may use the Sherpany Boardroom 3 App for Windows 10 allowing you to look through the eyes of your Board Members and visualise meetings and documents as they do. Go to your Microsoft Store and search for "Sherpany Boardroom 3" today. Please keep in mind that you can only administer the Boardroom via the Web environment. The purpose of the App, therefore, is purely to consume the available content.


Your smooth meeting cockpit

All Sherpany Apps have the same design in order to assure an identical look & feel for all users. They offer to your Board Members a smooth and clear overview on upcoming and past meetings, as well, as on the status of the preparation. Also, they reliably store the users' personal notes and - if active - their private library of PDF documents of interest to them. To know more about it, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Your personal digital assistant

Besides being the central storage for past and future meeting documentation, the Boardroom is the ideal tool for making available standing documents such as regulations, internal guidelines and legal documentations. Access the "Library" section and upload those documents your Board Members regularly ask for. Further, also the Sherpany Boardroom 3 Windows App securily stores your personal annotations and gives you an easy accessible overview in the form of a list, allowing to quickly jump from one note to the other (see movie).

Finally, the magnifier icon in the top right gives you access to the very effective global search tool (make sure to have a working internet connection in order to use it) that allows you to find any keyword across the whole Boardroom, even inside any document.

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