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#9 Sherpany Boardroom 3 App for iPhone

Discover the App on your iPhone

Today, we would like to present the Boardroom application as a native app for Apple’s iPhone. A perfect way to recall the relevant points shortly before the meeting. Access previously made personal remarks on your meeting materials shortly before reaching meeting venue. Open your meeting with the most relevant question, recall your points to discuss and steer the meeting with ease. With the Boardroom 3 for iPhone you enjoy the award winning Boardroom experience also on your iPhone.


Your handy meeting cockpit

For all our customers, Boardroom 3 for iPhone is an additional service for all the Boardrooms they currently use. It’s included in the package they already use implies no further costs. Sherpany Boardroom 3 for iPhone supports timeline view of meetings, the consolidated view “All Boardrooms”, the meeting view including agenda & meeting materials as well as accessing the library. Unlike Boardroom 3 for iPad and Windows, Boardroom 3 for iPhone does not support the making of personal annotations.


Your digital pocket PA

How can the iPhone App be a digital assistant?
Imagine Bob, Board member in Comp A and Chairperson in Comp B. He is on his way to Comp A, where a fully packed meeting day is expecting him. While being in the train, Bob is informed that in Comp B an outstanding takeover option of a competitor comes up. Bob realises that this needs urgently action and needs to find 30 mins for a strategic conf call, somewhen today.

A short look into the Sherpany Boardroom iPhone App shows him that from 10 to 11, his presence is not mandatory due to an information subject presented by an external specialist, which does not directly concern him. A quick email to his assistant and the conference call is organised. Once published, Bob opens the conf call event in his iPhone App as well and sees that he can even dial directly from the App, simply by pressing on the number field which his assistant did correctly fill out. 10 Minutes to arrival - Bob is ready and prepared!


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