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#10 Sherpany Boardroom 3 App for iPad

Receive and handle documents

Working with the Sherpany Boardroom 3 iPad App is by far the most efficient way to prepare and attend meetings. Find out what precious service it offers to you! 

It starts with a pop-up in the App indicating that new documents are available, requesting you to update. At any moment during preparation, in case of an interruption, you might set documents to "unread" status allowing you to exactly know where to continue your work. Switch the direction in which you scroll or print directly from the App using your WiFi Printer.

Prepare, add notes

Preparing to your next meeting was never easier. Annotate your documents directly in the App using a set of tools available in the bottom bar. Access the overview on all your annotations - your personal red line in the upcoming meeting. The integrated global search goes through the documents' content and even finds terms that you entered in your post-it or text box annotation. While the annotation tool is open, use both fingers to scroll.

User story

Bob is our model iPad App user. Having a busy meeting day in front of him, he updates his iPad App as soon as the Admin informs him that the content is ready. He starts preparing by highlighting text, adding comments/questions by handwriting and inserting relevant texts into a post-it annotation. Once done, he updates his iPad again in order to securily store his annotations to the server and make them available on his iPhone App he wants to consult during his travel the next day.
Bob has an active option "Updates" in the iTunes & App Store settings on his iPad to be sure to have the latest App version installed anytime.
Stay tuned for the soon-to-come App 3.5, containing a brand new library function, allowing users to select multiples labels/groups at once and flag their personal favourites library documents.


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Christian Menzi

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