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Show the full year meeting calendar

Use the meeting calendar of your Board or Management Team and create all upcoming meetings in the Sherpany meeting management software - even without knowing a single agenda item!
This will allow your members to plan their availabilities and avoid date conflicts at an early stage. Enter title, date, location and participants and 'annouce' - done. One small hint: Once, the first meeting is created, clone them and create the next one in no time!

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How to be faster than ever

Did you know about the bulk actions in Sherpany?
This is not just a feature - this is a game changer!
Mark multiple records on your screen using the blue bar and discover the new menu appearing on top.

Use all options in the agenda and do not abbreviate!

You want to provide an outstanding service to your members? Then make sure to use 'Agenda Types' (Approval, Information, Discussion, Workshop), 'Duration' (for their personal meeting day planning) and 'Responsible' (who will be presenting the next topic?). In order to allow a global full text search, make sure not to abbreviate relevant terms - to save space, abbreviate or leave out words like conjunctions, articles, etc.

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Insights and Resources

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Re-using existing documents

Christian Menzi

Connecting Outlook and Sherpany using Add-Ins


About Sherpany Academy

We are happy to announce the launch of the Sherpany Academy- a repository of knowledge for the optimal usage of Sherpany. Here, we will regularly provide our Administrator Community with news and best practice recommendations for the optimal administration of Sherpany software.

Our common goal? 
Smooth and efficient meeting set up and fully satisfied meeting attendees.


You can look forward to:

  • features easily explained
  • announcements of crisp webinars and intuitive tutorials
  • invitations for participating in user tests and providing feedback to our product management
  • & much more.

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