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Connecting Outlook and Sherpany using Add-Ins

Aim of the connection

The vast majority of admins on Sherpany work with Outlook. Previously, however, documents received by email had to be saved locally before they could be uploaded to Sherpany. Now you can save yourself this annoying step - thanks to the free Outlook Add-Ins from Sherpany! You can also export calendar appointments from your Outlook directly to Sherpany, where the corresponding session is created fully automatically.

What is possible

Thanks to the add-in connection, it will be possible to transfer information directly from Outlook to Sherpany. For this purpose, a login window opens directly in Outlook, allowing you to do your Sherpany Authentication. You can then load PDF attachments directly into meetings or transfer meetings from your calendar to Sherpany.


Please note the following technical requirements: Your Outlook email account must reside on Exchange 2013 or later, which is available through Office 365, Exchange Online, or through an on-premises installation. Note that POP- and IMAP-Accounts in Outlook do not support Office Add-Ins. 
Having met the technical requirements, the Add-Ins can either be downloaded Outlook integrated store (available in a near future) or you can activate the program files via sideloading inside Outlook. Please contact your Customer Success Manager - we will be happy to support you.

Insights and Resources

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Re-using existing documents

Christian Menzi

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About Sherpany Academy

We are happy to announce the launch of the Sherpany Academy- a repository of knowledge for the optimal usage of Sherpany. Here, we will regularly provide our Administrator Community with news and best practice recommendations for the optimal administration of Sherpany software.

Our common goal? 
Smooth and efficient meeting set up and fully satisfied meeting attendees.


You can look forward to:

  • features easily explained
  • announcements of crisp webinars and intuitive tutorials
  • invitations for participating in user tests and providing feedback to our product management
  • & much more.

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