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Fully integrate your meeting minutes with Sherpany Minutes | Comment function | Decide already during meeting preparation

Sherpany Minutes

Sherpany Minutes is facilitating the creation, distribution and discussion of meeting minutes, decisions and tasks. Sherpany Minutes automatically creates a minutes template based on your agenda. The minutes can be selectively published to e.g. only the chairperson to get them reviewed and commented on using Sherpany Discours.
Start integrating your meeting minutes as well as tasks and decisions directly in Sherpany with our new feature Sherpany Minutes.
Once the minutes are finalized, thanks to the integrated approval functionality, the minutes can be approved outside of meetings, reducing the valuable group time of privileged workers and leaders in meetings.

Try it now by accessing the 'Minutes' tab in one of your meetings and then click on 'Try it now' in the teaser. Your Customer Success Manager is happy to assist you and will be in contact with you regarding Sherpany Minutes.
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Sherpany Comments Function

This new function allows meeting participants to add comments to an agenda item and/or a specific page in a document. A comment is always visible for every attendee that has access to the meeting respectively agenda item or meeting document. 
Add comments on all platforms with Sherpany Discours, e.g. in iPad App.
When reading meeting materials to prepare important discussions, a meeting participant can now use Sherpany Discours to discuss among participants before the meeting takes place. Thanks to this asynchronous process, individual preparation time is used more collaboratively and effectively and the meeting itself can focus on the relevant discussion points only.

Sherpany Discours is available for all admins and members. Contact your Customer Success Manager for further details.
Start making comments with Sherpany Discours

Decide already during meeting preparation

In Q1/2019 the meeting types 'Physical Meeting' as well as 'Conference Call' will be enhanced: Decisions can be made by voting before the actual meeting. Thereby the meeting time can be reduced or used more effectively.
Deciding already during the meeting preparation is reducing valuable meeting time.
When choosing 'Decision' as agenda item type, the meeting editor can define details for the proposal, similar to the existing functionality 'Digital Circular Resolution'. Meeting attendees can hereby decide respectively send their votes already during their individual meeting preparation. 

There will be a 'What's New' information within Sherpany once this new functionality is available. Of course, also your Customer Success Manager will be in contact with you.
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We are happy to announce the launch of the Sherpany Academy- a repository of knowledge for the optimal usage of Sherpany. Here, we will regularly provide our Administrator Community with news and best practice recommendations for the optimal administration of Sherpany software.

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