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#2 Take full benefit of the new meeting settings



Make use of the attractive templates provided by Sherpany. As a default, both "Coverpage" and "Standard Agenda" are activated and cover each Boardbook your users may generate. Use the "Example" links to view a sample. If you prefer to use your own customized invitation or agenda documents, you have the option to deactivate these templates.

Invitation Sherpany Boardroom


Assigning the correct security level (1 to 4) to all meeting documents with one single click is now easier than ever.

Securiy Sherpany Boardroom


Members can benefit from a well-arranged meeting agenda including timing. This supports the ideal planning of an intensive meeting day. Have full flexibility when creating meeting agendas, by determining the time for each agenda item. All you need to do is replace the 15 minutes default duration with the one that fits best. In this way, the duration of all agenda items will be updated accordingly, and the system does most of the work for you - manual interaction is only necessary in case a duration differs from the default.
(See video below. For maximum quality, watch the video on YouTube)

#1 Essential tips for setting up meetings


When choosing the meeting title

Board Members can use the "Search" function in the Sherpany Boardroom Apps to find a specific document or meeting. For this feature to fully serve its purpose, meetings, agenda items and documents must be properly entitled. You allow a successful search by considering the following:

  • Date and time can be separately filtered and don't need to be included in the title.
  • Searching for certain words is easier if all titles have full words, so abbreviations should be avoided. 

Creating the Agenda

Creating meeting agendas with Sherpany Boardroom hopefully became easier for you. You just need to add all agenda items one after the other and, if needed, add sub-items by using the blue “+”.

And did you know that once an agenda item is created, you may move it using the drag and drop function? The same can be applied for the upload and ordering of the documents inside a meeting.

(See video below. For maximum quality, watch the video on YouTube)

Why not building templates?

After setting up the agenda, save it as template. By using the corresponding icon in the bottom right corner of the agenda view, you can save multiple templates for each type of meeting you usually create.
(See video below. For maximum quality, watch the video on YouTube)

This will allow you to start your work on a pre filled agenda when preparing your next meeting. 

Templates Sherpany Boardroom

We are happy to announce the launch of the Sherpany Admin Academy- a repository of knowledge for the optimal usage of Sherpany Boardroom. Here, we will regularly provide our Administrator Community with news and best practice recommendations for the optimal administration of the Boardroom.

Our common goal? 
Smooth and efficient meeting set up and fully satisfied meeting attendees.


You can look forward to:

  • tricky features easily explained
  • announcements of crisp webinars and intuitive tutorials
  • invitations for participating in user tests and providing feedback to our product management
  • & much more.