Catarina Fernandes

Time to round up and code at DjangoCon Europe 2016

From the most seasoned Django and Python coder, to the curious or passionate beginner, anyone who is interested in the software development world meets at DjangoCon Europe. Including Sherpany.

DjangoCon Europe is a non-profit event where people meet to learn and share their know-how. This year, with the sound of jazz music, the Budapest’ Music Center will be the stage. Starting on the 30th of March, all kinds of Djangonauts will come together in 5 days of talks, workshops and short-termed projects on the most various topics of their choice.

Since 2010, DjangoCon Europe is run by diverse groups of volunteers and takes place in different cities of the old continent. Everyone is encouraged to participate and to present their thoughts, not just talented international speakers, but amateur speakers too.

Every year, this welcoming community is improving and diversifying. Not only for the event setup, but also for its participants: the number of women speaking this spring in Hungary is the highest in the history of DjangoCon, representing 54% of the orators.

Sherpany is a proud partner of this event. Our COO Mathias Brenner will be present, together with Ricardo Anjinho and André Carpinteiro, both backend developers. André sees this as a golden opportunity to get in touch and network with the Django community. "We get the chance to share not only solutions but also talk about current issues that we want to overcome as best as possible", he says. "It’s a great asset for us.”

Ricardo Anjinho is equally excited. “It’ll take place in one of the most beautiful european cities. As a developer and fond of great open source software, I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful for this opportunity”.

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