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Are you a Digital Director?

The components of digital transformation - along with its definition - and the changes they elicit are in a constant state of evolution. A report anticipates an increasing demand for leaders who understand the pace and challenges of these disruptions.

Russell Reynolds Associates conducted in-depth roundtable discussions with a range of CEOs, Boards and Digital Directors to assess the role that Digital Directors play in digital transformation and corporate governance. So who are these - and are you one of them?

According to the report, the ‘Digital Director’ is any non-executive Board Member meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Plays a significant operating role in a digital company — an organisation with a primary business function based on web, social, mobile/device, cloud/SaaS or big data platform;
  • Has a primary digital operating role with a traditional company;
  • Has two or more non-executive Board roles at digital companies.

Best practices in digital corporate governance include actively incorporating digital opportunities and risks into strategy, and committee discussions.

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