Sherpany scores two bronzes at this years’ Best of Swiss App

Sherpany won two Bronze prizes at this year’s Best Swiss App Award, one of the best-known information technology and communication events. The third place came to show the passion and hard-work dedicated into developing an app that differentiates itself on the market. Over 200 apps signed up for the competition.

With around 70 major customers and more than 1700 users, Sherpany Boardroom was developed with the highest security standards (e-banking) to reduce the gap between how board members use digital technologies and how they can benefit from them everyday. The app takes care of the lengthy energy-consuming tasks by giving board members and corporate secretaries the time they need to focus on what matters: decision-making processes and successful results.

Sherpany Boardroom app helps achieve the company’s mission: to empower Board members by allowing them to get back the most valuable commodity in life - time.

‘Winning these prestigious awards comes to show that by being consistent in our strategy to digitize existing processes and decision-making, at the executive level, can have a considerable impact on the markets’, explains Tobias Häckermann CEO at Sherpany.

Since 2001, the Simsa (Swiss Internet Industry Association) gathers Swiss companies that bring forward the best technological apps on the market. Competition grew fierce year after year as the race for the Best Swiss App Award became more popular and appreciated in Switzerland.

Insights and Resources


Insights and Resources

Sherpany provides company news, expert articles, exclusive interviews, case studies and best practices on digitalisation and the transformation of the meeting culture of board of directors, c-level executives, corporate secretaries and general counsels.

Examples include content about:

  • Board Portals and meeting management softwares
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