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Sherpany software's web environment for boards and executives

Sherpany has worked intensively on the development of its meeting management software's latest web environment. Sherpany software offers an attractive design and a user-friendly display for all its users. Having been acclaimed starting its first presentations, users can expect a lot of exciting features and benefits!

Following various talks with our users and receiving good feedback on their part, we were able to improve the web environment for boards and executives, introduce new features and remove unused functions. The result is visible in the solution's web environment, which is now more focused on meetings and on users, facilitating all aspects around the executive and board of directors decision-making process. Downwards, images of the Sherpany software on the web environment are listed from the user's perspective.

Overview page

All meetings are listed chronologically in a timeline view, from left to right, and are categorised in "Archived", "Upcoming" and "Updates". This way it becomes easier to switch between meetings, while quickly accessing previous meetings or pending updates. The "search" button finds not only meetings, but also agenda items, documents, per rooms or per group. In the upper right of the navigation bar there is access to search, customer support and settings, including the user's personal details.


Meetings' view

The agenda, the minutes, the meeting documents, start time, and groups/members attending are presented within each meeting. The documents, the agenda and the entire Board book can be downloaded as a PDF file.


Library area

In the Corporate Library, the documents that do not belong to one specific meeting are displayed, while a user's personal documents are displayed in the "Private Library". You can easily find the document you are looking for using labels and other sorting options.


Global Search

Through the "search" button in the upper right screen area, you can open a search page for meetings, agendas, documents, users, etc. that can be browsed through via all rooms, or individual rooms or groups users are invited to. All the relevant information can always be quickly and easily found.


We welcome you to discover the benefits of Sherpany software and start taking advantage of the many enhancements the executive board portal has to offer your leadership teams.

Note: This article has been updated in April, 2019.

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