Tobias Häckermann, CEO

‘Smart technologies’. The words that define 2016.

This year, opportunities to stay connected will unfold exponentially faster than before. Technological developments will continue to pave the way towards a tech-oriented future, also with respect to strategic decision making.

A smarter future.

Sherpany has been busy researching what 2016 holds. I would like to share some of the findings we compiled. In 2016, technology becomes smarter. A lot has happened on the market around Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and social media. The IoT especially will (inter)connect more and more devices allowing people and companies to interact, communicate and collaborate in new ways.

Think wearables! Who would have thought five years ago that you will be able to check and reply to your emails in real time just by using your smartwatch?

Connected technologies will need platforms that fit into their IT programs. Soon our smartwatch will tell us when it is the best time to take a difficult decision based on our personal, physical and mental status.

Technological transformation has overcome the revolution phase. It has become a fundamental part of organisations and contributes to the technological processes allowing faster and not only individually but also collectively better decision making. Technology helps members of a team to be ‘on the same page’ and reach a mutual decision concerning crucial issues even when they are not physically sitting at the same table.

Businesses are now up against major changes, marked by digital disruption. Pat Chapman-Pincher, expert in global technology trends, states: "sadly, few in positions of power have yet to comprehend or even grasp the potential impact of technology on individual businesses or the wider economy".

Becoming digital means adopting smart technologies. Companies need to start gathering as much reliable information on new technology as possible. They must turn to the people who have the digital know-how and the relevant experience. The digital transformation offers an invaluable alternative to manual labor models thereby freeing up more time for the decision making and strategic planning processes.

This year is the ‘smart’ year.

Companies that did not take advantage of smart technologies and now want to keep their competitive edge, must step up their businesses.

2016 will not be ‘the year of the laggard’. Only those who are ahead of the curve will keep their market share as we are heading for a faster technological growth. By 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

Technology connects and makes smart things happen within seconds. No reason for smart decisions not to follow the same path. And, it is not only about what kind of novelty technology brings. Rather, it is about what benefits it brings. In all the processes, everyday.

In the end, I am a techno-optimist. Will you join me?

Insights and Resources


Insights and Resources

Sherpany provides company news, expert articles, exclusive interviews, case studies and best practices on digitalisation and the transformation of the meeting culture of c-level executives, directors and corporate secretaries.

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