Paperless Board work on the rise

Companies save up to an equal of 25 working days with Sherpany.

While there are individual committee members who run their meetings in a hybrid fashion (by taking notes digitally and then printing them out), many of our clients are moving to paperless work completely. One such case is SWICA Healthcare, whose Board adapted rapidly.

"Sherpany exceeded our expectations in efficient communication with our Board. We are totally satisfied with this absolutely reliable solution", said their representative.

Other customers confirmed that Board Members and company leaders switched to paperless work, shortly after the implementation of Sherpany. They now work almost entirely with iPads.

The trend towards paper free work makes the administrative departments' work less stressful, too. The creation of meeting documents becomes more efficient. Digital documents - the board books - can be organised in a simple way with the drag [&] drop function. Uploaded PDF files can be attached to specific agenda items. Time-consuming processes are eliminated allowing administrative secretaries to save precious time.

"For us, the highlight of the application is that it is so intuitive, and simple to setup. The printing and sending of documents, which used to take days, can now be completed within minutes", SWICA concludes.

The web and tablet interfaces are user-friendly and simple to use. To add up to the list, Sherpany's operational support is quick, personal and uncomplicated. And so, several companies stated that they had been able to save up to an equal of 25 working days.

At Sherpany, we are thankful for such a positive review. We will keep developing Sherpany for our customers, partners and stakeholders.

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