When less is more - the benefit of optimising access to information

In times of information overload, diminishing the amount of available data is comforting.The choice for an easy, elegant board portal can make Boards flow. And lessen the workload of secretaries.

Let's exemplify by taking a look at a company's online sphere, the virtual environment, where the company manages external stakeholders. By using the Internet to assimilate aspects of personal life, such as services like shopping, banking, socialising, the company has access to large amounts of data in reference to external parties. Intranets, however, are nothing other than a more restricted version of the World Wide Web, aimed at internal audiences, such as employees.

The key differentiator is the focus on the relevance of information.

Within the boundaries of a company or group, only the indispensable is kept. For simplicity, for focus, for usability.

The same goes for an even more select microcosm: the board room. In times of information overload, only the essential is kept. And diminishing the amount of materials pushed to the Board can be comforting. Why? Because 52% of directors want to increase the time they spend on strategy and minimise their effort spent on browsing through irrelevant data. Board Members want to add value to the companies they serve, and information overload gets in the way. So how can secretaries and assistants tackle the challenge?

By reducing distractions and by enhancing the decision-making process as much as possible. One good example is addressing the slowness in gathering, selecting and reading the information. Without doubts, abundant data is required in preparation. Yet, it is necessary to navigate through facts and figures in a selective way. Filtering documents and pre-establishing connections of most relevant strata is one way to change this process. Spotlighting the essential pieces of information leads the way to improved decision making. And it eliminates lost time to provide opportunity for discussion.

Choosing the adequate board portal is a basic - yet decisive - step. Focusing on time efficiency can, thus, influence performance. The challenge is easing the Board to accept new tools that can help them work more efficiently.

A board portal is more than just document storage or meeting management. The tool optimises access to information, while allowing the user to invest time in deliberation. The focus is on the decision-making process and its output. The board portal needs an easy and elegant design, coupled with accessible features. This makes it even more attractive to Board Members. Clean and lean for impeccable user experience.

Still, keep in mind the 'golden rule': for simplicity, for focus and for usability.

For more about digitisation and decision-making processes, follow Board Blog.

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