The complete intro to web applications and mobile (tablet) apps. How, why, and when to use each?

The average time spent online using a mobile device such as a smartphone, a tablet or wearable has reached 110 minutes daily for the Generation X, and 43 minutes daily for the Baby Boomers generation. Considering that 30 years ago, mobile devices were unheard of among the Baby Boomers, the amount of time spent online every day by people born between the '45 and '65 is remarkable.

Unsurprisingly, executives and board members belonging to this age group have started understanding the advantages and functionalities of the technological advances that have become available to them. However, with more than 5,670,000 apps ready for downloading in the leading app stores, things might get confusing at times. There is a lot of uncertainty in regards to using terms such as web applications and mobile applications, and accessing the apps by users.

A web-based application often runs inside a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or similar. They are also known as web applications and encompass all the applications that are accessed over a network connection using a HTTP(S) e.g. without the need to download, nor install them on a desktop (PC).

Mobile applications, most commonly referred to as apps, on the other hand, are a type of applications designed to run on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer, only after previously downloaded and installed on the mobile (tablet) device. While many web-based applications have a similar counterpart in mobile applications, these differ in the way users choose to access them. One example is Skype, a software application that offers free calling between users. The app can be accessed using a browser on a desktop (PC) or a laptop by accessing Or, it can be downloaded from an app store such as App Store or Google Play, on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), and can be accessed from the mobile devices directly.

1. Sherpany meeting management software: web application

You can use Sherpany software on your desktop (PC), regardless of what browser you have installed. A browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. Sherpany works on the most popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer (version 11 and later), Google Chrome (version 45 and later), Firefox (version 41 and later), Safari (version 9 and later; the app does not work, however, on incognito mode). Executive, board members and administrators can manage different mandates, while in the comfort of their office, using only one user account and login data. Click on to access your Sherpany account on the web environment.

2. Sherpany meeting management software: iPad and iPhone app

The Sherpany software for iPad and iPhone comes in a compact version that enables you to access and edit your documents offline, without a permanent internet connection (e.g. on the train or airplane). For an optimal functionality you need to keep your synchronizations up-to-date. Regular updates, preferably no later than once a month, ensure that you have the latest version of the Sherpany software and that your annotations are saved.

You may check the latest version of the Sherpany software by accessing 'Updates' in the App Store. This will show you the last time you updated the app and it will allow you to update it again anytime you wish. You can, however, turn on the 'Automatic updates' feature on your iPad by accessing 'Settings', then 'iTunes and App Store', and by turning on the 'Updates' option - slide over the button to turn it green. This way, the app will automatically update itself every time you are connected to the Internet. Similar to the web environment, you can manage your various executive and board mandates using only one user account and login data.

At Sherpany, we highly recommend you to use the iPad or/and the iPhone app for maximum flexibility, regardless of your location. If you do not have it already, you may download and install it on your device by accessing the App Store on your iPad or iPhone. The iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company's mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. For the mobile (tablet) device, and all the apps installed on it you should make sure the iOS operating system is up-to-date as well.

3. Sherpany meeting management software - Windows app

At present, Sherpany software is available on Windows Store and can be downloaded and installed on a Windows tablet. The Sherpany Windows app is different from the iPad app in the sense that is uses a different operating system - Windows, which has been developed by Microsoft. You can download Sherpany on any laptop or notebook that runs on Windows 10. On a mobile (tablet), users can use their surface in similar way as their laptop computers. The touch screen function, often not available on desktops or laptops which do not have an integrated tablet function, allows for the computer to be simultaneously used as a tablet, and that at the same time, it grants a full functionality of the Windows package (Office Documents, Excel, Powerpoint etc.).

In other words, users who have the Windows (tablet) device running on Windows 10 can access and work with Sherpany as a mobile app when offline. Unlike the iPad, they have access to all their data on their personal computer when online and a mobile app where they can use Sherpany when offline. Another important aspect is the way users interact with the tablet: this can be used as a computer by clicking the folders and going through the documents and data stored on it or as a tablet by swiping through the mobile applications installed on it. We advise you to use the Windows app for maximum mobility while you are travelling and during your board meetings.

4. Sherpany meeting management software - Android app

In addition to offering native apps for platforms such as iOS and Windows 10, Sherpany software is available as well on smartphone devices that support Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google. Sherpany 4 for Android allows users to access their previously made personal remarks or comments on meeting materials shortly before reaching the meeting venue, or even vote remotely on any urgent resolutions or in advance of a meeting.

Sherpany software can be downloaded either from the App Store - for iPad and iPhone users, from the Windows Store - for Windows tablet users, or from the Google Store - for Android users. Both the App Store and the Windows Store are prime online platforms which make apps available for procurement and download. Users can install software programs (apps) for free of charge or paid.

How to access Sherpany meeting software on the web-environment?

You can now simplify your work while preparing executive and board meetings. Sherpany web-based application helps you to easily, efficiently and securely set up the agenda for the upcoming meeting, and upload corporate documents. Important to remember is that you can only administer Sherpany via the web environment. In other words, you may not set up meetings on mobile apps installed in mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone or Windows tablet.

Administrators have a different view of Sherpany on the web environment than members because of their role as meeting organisers and responsible for the entire meeting management process. We recommend, therefore, that you always pay attention to how the meeting looks like from a member's perspective as well. You can do this while setting the meeting up, by checking the iPad, iPhone or Windows app as to have a member's perspective over the meeting and its documentation.

In addition, you may need to carefully consider the selection of document titles and labels to help your board members find the information faster, and save time. For example, the choice of titles can make a great difference in the way members search through documents. Sherpany software, however, is created to ensure maximum time management in planning and organising leadership meetings. Its user-friendly, intuitive design allows executives and board members to quickly find the information they need, and it enables you to work from any desktop computer. With Sherpany organising your executives and board of directors meetings has never been easier.

Note: This article has been updated in April, 2019.

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