WORLDWEBFORUM: How can digitalisation inspire a new way of work?

It's been six years of big ideas and of bridging the gap between old and new paradigms. Created in 2012 as a neutral, open and independent platform for the digital transformation in Switzerland, the WORLDWEBFORUM was this year at its 6th edition.

Under the slogan 'Digital Leaders predict End of Nation', the event took place in Zürich, on the 18-19 of January, 2018. Gathering 1,500 attendees, it united C-suite level representatives from more than 25 countries.

Topics tackled during the event were structured in eleven verticals, as organisers named them, and addressed a variety of subjects like Retail, Cloud, Augmented Reality, TechFin, Tourism, Future of Work, Responsive City, Food Chain, Global Talent Summit, IoT and Digitimmo. Representatives from large companies such as Airbnb, Apple, Nestlé, Samsung, Microsoft, PostFinance, to name a few, were attending the WORLDWEBFORUM.

Sherpany's role at the event was twofold: Gold Partner of the Future of Work vertical, and speaker through the representation of CEO Tobias Häckermann, who addressed the audience present at the Future of Work. Speakers at this specific vertical focused on ways in which 'digitalisation inspires a new way of work', emphasized future trends and talked about emerging technologies.

Additionally, Mr. Häckermann was part of transformer's network at the WORLDWEBFORUM, which included CEOs exclusively. The members of this networking circle were perceived as shapers of the future.

It comes as no surprise that companies need to shape and reshape their way of working, considering the speed of digital innovation that makes technological advances a constant in today's working environment. Sherpany, for instance, has been developing for years software that helps turn meetings into true value creators. Sherpany's meeting management software aims to drive focus on decision-making and free up wasted meeting time for leaders and administrators to concentrate on value-added work.

With new technologies making it possible for individuals to radically change their workflows, and to get time back, it is important to tap the trends early and become (even more) tech enthusiasts.  

How to do that?
Here's a glimpse of this year's WORLDWEBFORUM.

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