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René Stammbach
President of Swiss Tennis

Peer-to-peer with René Stammbach: ‘Meetings are crucial to achieve strategic goals’

René Stammbach, President of Swiss Tennis, accepted our invitation and talked about the Swiss Tennis association, his role in the organisation and more. In this short interview, he explains how executive directors perceive leadership meetings, especially in the era of digital transformation.

About Swiss Tennis

Sherpany: Since 2006, you have been President of the Swiss Tennis Federation, what are you most proud of?

René Stammbach: By far the most impressive and emotional moment was in 2014, when the Securitas Davis Cup Team, led by the magic Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka won the Davis Cup Trophy – the most prestigious international Tennis Team competition for men - for the first time in the Federation’s history against France, in Lille.

Sherpany: Where do you see the Federation in the upcoming years?

René Stammbach: When I took office in 2006, I promised to improve the Federations’ finances with the goal to reach over 10 Mio. CHF in equity. That goal has been achieved last year (2017) and now we will invest even more funds into the development of the game.

Two other milestones were the opening of housing facilities for more than 40 athletes as well as the inauguration of the brand-new Swiss Tennis Arena, a complex which contains 3 tennis courts, state-of-the-art facilities for media, VIP-guests and up to 2‘800 in-built seats for the public. Our main strategic initiatives for the upcoming years are to maintain our place within the top 3 Sports Federations in Switzerland, to broaden our membership by implementing a sustainable community-program, and to continue developing young talents to become professional tennis players.

About Swiss Tennis & meetings

Sherpany: Why are meetings crucial for organisations, and also for Swiss Tennis?

René Stammbach: Meetings, to fulfill the board’s mandate, are crucial to achieve strategic goals. Digital solutions help broaden horizons by allowing more information to be spread in an efficient and immediate way. In addition, more target groups can be reached at no additional expenses.

SherpanyAs President of the board, what advice would you give to other Presidents when choosing an executive and board portal?

René Stammbach: First, to consider pros and cons of digital board portals within their own organisation. Second, to conduct an internal study on how much less paper would be used and how much time could potentially be saved before and during meetings. And third, to check the necessity to have access to all important corporate documents at any place and time. I’m convinced the result will lead them clearly to digitalisation.

Sherpany: Thank you so much, Mr. Stammbach.

René Stammbach
René Stammbach
President of Swiss Tennis
René Stammbach is the President of the Swiss Tennis Association since 2006. In 2011, he became a board member of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) board of directors and, four years later, Vice-President of ITF Europe. His extensive career path includes holding the title of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), several mandates as a board member and also the position of chairman for national and international organisations. Swiss Tennis was founded in 1896 and is the third largest sports association in Switzerland.

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