Sherpany Boardroom 3 is a success

Sherpany Boardroom 3 has been a success among our customers that have already taken advantage of all its benefits. Users now have an overview of past and future meetings thanks to a fully fledged timeline. They can also access both the meeting agenda and the documents in one screen, at the same time.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a constant growth. We have monitored 20% - 30% growth on a bi-weekly basis in customers opting to use Sherpany Boardroom 3 exclusively in their boardrooms. 



'The adoption rate to our new iPad App Sherpany Boardroom 3 has been highly positive and the feedback really good. We thank our customers for their loyalty and confidence.'
Dr. Katarina Sikavica, Head of Customer Success

More about Sherpany Boardroom 3 for iPad at success.sherpany.com/boardroom3

Connaissances et Ressources


Connaissances et Ressources

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