Security sounds good: Sherpany partners up with Futurae


Security sounds good. That’s what Futurae - a Zürich headquartered software startup claims - and we tend to agree. Making the authentication process easier and also safer, with AI-based authentication is the goal of Sherpany’s most recent partner - Futurae, and we are onboard with it.

Sherpany will introduce our partners technology, SoundProof, to Sherpany App. This innovative technology securely authenticates the user via ambient noise, increasing both the security and the user-friendliness of our meeting management software. For Sherpany CTO, Mathias Brenner, data protection is the most important concern. In an exclusive and quick-to-read interview, Mathias talks about this partnership.

Sherpany: How did the idea of starting a partnership with Futurae came to be?

Mathias:  Both Sandra Tobler (CEO and co-founder of Futurae) and I are well connected with the Swiss Startup Scene and we know each other from Switzerland Global Enterprise, an organisation that promotes exports and investments by helping its clients to realise new potential for their international businesses. As soon as I heard about her involvement in founding a new startup, I reached out directly. It was clear to me that Sherpany should be the first B2B App to use this new technology.

Sherpany: What is the intent of this partnership for Sherpany?

Mathias:  It’s a win-win for both. As an established startup, Sherpany is delighted to support an upcoming startup, and I am happy to be part of the process. 

'Thus, we always strive to offer our customers the most innovative products possible.'


Sherpany: What are the benefits of using the SoundProof technology?

Mathias:  The benefits would be twofold: the usage of the Sherpany Application shall be a seamless, elegant and highly intuitive experience, compliant with the highest security standards possible; and the SoundProof technology will allow us to meet Sherpany’s claim #gettimeback and ensure that productivity is not impacted by security any longer. For us, these are major benefits.

Sherpany: In what way will SoundProof impact the security of the Sherpany App?

Mathias:  The Two-Factor Authentication method, through SMS, is an old but established technology. The underlying network used for sending SMS messages (SS7), for example, does not have any authentication. This does not mean that the Two-Factor Authentication, with SMS, is not secure per se, but known researches have shown abuse of the SMS protocol.

The new solution, Futurae’s SoundProof, is built on a strong, proven, hardware-backed cryptographic standards: 2048-bit RSA keys, 128-bit AES-CBC, HMAC-SHA256. All our protocols run on top of TLS1.2 with certificate pinning.

Mathias Brenner
Mathias Brenner
CTO chez Sherpany
Mathias Brenner est titulaire d'un EMBA en Transformation Numérique et a une formation académique en Sciences Appliquées en Management et Services IT. Il dirige nos équipes de sécurité informatique et d'ingénierie avec une grande expérience. Il dirige également nos activités quotidiennes de logistique et de gestion d'équipe.
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