Raffael Fiechter
Country Manager de Sherpany pour la France

Are company exchanges detrimental to its competitiveness?

What if the increase in company exchanges was actually detrimental to its productivity? Senior executives spend most of their time in meetings. According to a study by Ifop for Wisembly, 88% of these execs have already felt useless. The added value of many meetings is not explicit, which sometimes greatly delays decision-making. Meeting with Raffael Fiechter, Country Manager at Sherpany in France, a specialist in the digitisation of internal business processes.

Optimising meeting time

As digitisation is becoming increasingly important, information is shared more and more quickly. Managers are wondering how to transform their groups to make them more effective. And this happens first and foremost by changing the company’s processes internally.

Theoretically, meetings are conducive to creativity and productivity, but when too many are held, they often have the opposite effect. Despite digitisation, meeting times have increased over the last 50 years. On average, a manager spends 23 hours a week in meetings, compared to 10 in the 1960s, an amazing paradox that goes against the effectiveness of digital technology. The purpose of deploying the various aids is to optimise managers’ time.

"We have a digital solution for meetings, boards and executive committees. For all the top management of companies. This saves time in preparing for these meetings, but also makes work more flexible" indicates Raffael Fiechter.

95% of managers believe that a better organisation of meetings would save companies time, and 95% believe that this would also allow them to perform better. Management solutions like Sherpany, for document and meeting management, facilitating decision-making and business competitiveness, are emerging. In concrete terms, it is an application that brings together all the elements and discussions within the group:

''Managers save an enormous amount of time because everything is concentrated with them. It is important for teams who are preparing, too, because it takes time to update information in printed form each week.''

Digitising your documents and securing your data

With endless emails, confidential documents attached and people outside of the company being put in copy, it is difficult to take stock of the multiple exchanges within companies.

Risks are constantly present in all sectors of activity and at all levels: "Various sectors adhere to our solutions such as banks, insurance companies, associations or even government entities. Wherever there are meetings, we simplify this process and secure the data. It is very varied but the goal is the same in many companies. Being able to make decisions faster, while ensuring that everything is safe.

Through the tool, these secure platforms make it possible to decide directly, as well as to exchange and receive confidential documents: "All the data that is downloaded on the platform are encrypted. All transfers are encrypted. Everything stored in the app is encrypted as well. It is impossible to have something like this on other media. Today email exchanges have become commonplace within groups and hide the danger of data proliferation.”

More and more companies are willing to harmonise their system to be more efficient and innovative. In a context of constant digital change, it is crucial for companies to reinvent their internal organisation if they wish to become or remain leaders in the face of ever greater competition.

Raffael Fiechter
Raffael Fiechter
Country Manager de Sherpany pour la France
Raffael Fiechter travaille pour le portail de conseil européen Sherpany en tant que Country Manager. Il est responsable du développement et de la croissance du marché pour Sherpany en France. Raffael est titulaire d'un diplôme bilingue en droit des universités de Fribourg et Bruxelles. Il a travaillé comme avocat, avant de rejoindre Sherpany.

Raffael also wrote about France's Digital Transformation of the C-Suite & Digitalisation, a key tool in decision-making?

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