Sherpany Brand Anniversary: 6 remarkable years

A significant number of factors determine which organisations make the cut from average to great: monetary compensation, infrastructure, appreciation from management, rewards & recognitions, exciting professional opportunities: all influence an individual's perspective on how the ideal workplace should be.

Why does Sherpany make the cut?

As you might imagine, the answer is subjective. In any case, if you don't know what makes Sherpany great yet, it's time you knew.

Sherpany does not shy away from achieving its objectives. That is why, in the past six years, there were a few important milestones in our history that outlined our direction and strengthened our path to becoming a great organisation.

The first one was in 2012. The year that marks the beginning.

We launch our investor service platform that supports shareholders and top executives in their e-voting process during the Annual General Assemblies (AGMs). Following the initiative of our first digital solution, we start developing Sherpany software for executive directors and boards. It shortly becomes an award-winning board management software for top leaders from large organisation across Europe.

The second one was in 2015. The year in which our main focus shifts.

Our aim is to revolutionise executive meetings and transform them into value creators. This way, we make sure top leadership teams take full advantage of their time. And, focus on what they do best: take decisions for their companies through agile meetings. Catch a glimpse of our story here.

We dedicate all of our time building and improving our software so that it continues being loved by its users. The living proof of our focus is the constant developments that we implement in Sherpany’s board management software. These reflect in the releases that allow users to access the software in several devices namely iPad, iPhone and Windows, and in the easy-to-use features that make their work routines lighter and get them more time back. The releases and others developments led to an increase in our customers' database of more than 56%, last year alone.

At the same time, we are proud of our service-oriented culture, and we have a growing team of Customer Success Managers and Customer Happiness Engineers supporting our user's daily needs, in seven different languages.

Today, organisations from France, Italy, Germany, Austria and the Nordic countries are enjoying our secure, meeting-efficient, and time-saving software for iPads, Windows devices, iPhone and Web. And, as the saying goes: 'hard work pays off', in 2015, we won two Bronze awards, in different categories, at the Best of Swiss Apps (BOSA) event. The winnings didn't stop here. In 2017, we landed on a Stevie Silver Award, and a Silver & a Gold Award at the same Best of Swiss Apps (BOSA), this time for the iOS and Windows Apps. In 2018, we added one more Bronze award to our portfolio at the Best of Swiss Web gala ceremony.

Still, our climb towards greatness means more than awards.

Since the very beginning, year after year, a team of outstanding individuals devotes time and talent to the organisation's success and helps set Sherpany apart from other organisations.

The Sherpanees.

A diverse, creative, agile group of individuals that makes Sherpany stand out. Around 60 professionals work together in various locations worldwide. We exchange ideas daily, speaking more than ten languages altogether, supporting each other's work, and contributing to shaping the organisation's notable story. Because of this reason...

2018 marks the difference, too.

It brings us an award that is not only unexpected but also representative: a Stevie Gold Award for 'Employer of the Year' (2018). The award highlights an important factor that sets Sherpany apart: we offer a great and unique working environment. It also shows that we have a world class team on board that strives for greatness. No doubt about why Sherpany makes the cut. Right?

So, here is to the first six remarkable years, and to those many more years of greatness ahead.

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