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Preceding the release of ournew Web Version 2.0we invested major efforts in understanding what our customers criticise and value about Sherpany Boardroom. The release of the new Web V2 follows an intense period of systematic gathering and evaluating of our customers’ feedback.

Our focus was on their needs, and on the requirements they had for being truly successful in going digital at board level. By getting to know their main ‘pains’, we discovered a series of problems that we have solved, and opportunities that led to building and launching an enhanced Sherpany Boardroom Web Version.

Far more than a simple update, the new Web Version 2.0 is a major rewrite. Accordingly, the release of V2 is accompanied by a carefully prepared and executed migration process. Boardroom V2 is faster, more intuitive and easy to work with.

The changes refer to and influence the organisation of meeting documents and meeting creation; the generation of the boardbook, the creation of agenda templates; the allocation and visibility of members to different groups and meetings; the sharing of corporate documents and the searching of meetings within the app. Here are some notable enhancements:

  • It allows for a clearer view of the documents: in V2 ‘Corporate Documents’ are in the documents’ section, and can be added to a corresponding meeting only within the ‘Meetings’ section.
  • The generation of the Boardbook is done within seconds. Once a meeting is published, the Boardbook can be downloaded on demand, any time, either on the web or synchronized on the iPad.
  • The management of documents is accelerated. Admins can upload and edit multiple documents simultaneously in the ‘Documents’ section, adding or deleting different labels at once.
  • Admins can create their own ‘agenda template’ so that they gain time at the next meeting preparation. They can notify participants directly from the meeting by sending all or just some of them a notification message.


The latest Sherpany Boardroom Web 2.0 has already been rolled out to half of our customers, receiving positive feedback. Sherpany is looking forward to successfully migrating all customers to V2, no later than the end of autumn 2016. We are convinced all our users will benefit, after the completion of the migration process, from the new Sherpany Boardroom Web 2.0.

Approfondimenti e Risorse


Approfondimenti e Risorse

Sherpany fornisce business news, articoli di esperti, interviste esclusive, casi-studio e best practice sulla digitalizzazione e sull'evoluzione delle riunioni del CdA, delle direzioni aziendali e delle segreterie societarie.

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