The new website: from the idea to reality

'Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.’ Steve Forbes

It's been a year that we have focused all our efforts in developing, re-designing and promoting our one-of-a-kind product, the Sherpany app. A true challenge for our team. But the story goes beyond the board portal itself.

Going back to basics, we have asked ourselves questions about who we are and what we stand for as a company. The process was not always smooth, but steps were taken to polish our identity. And with each step, we came closer to who we are today and how we want to show ourselves to the outside world. The biggest and most daring step in that direction was to rebuild our entire website from scratch. A major decision that meant translating our identity into imagery and symbols that represent us. And that makes us proud. An important task which received our fullest dedication.

From the very beginning, the team working on the project had the end-users in mind - the leaders and Board Members of major companies who opt for digitisation in the boardroom as a way to improve their decision-making process; as well as their corporate secretaries who strive to enable decision-makers towards the right decision, faster.

So in order to make ourselves understood by our audience we sought to combine functionality, design and content, in a way that delights our visitors. A new brandbook stood as a pillar to our endeavours, and helped guide the structuring of our visual identity, including mood, colour and font. Choosing the pallette of colours was not arbitrary. Our colours blend the boldness of lux, the security of craftsmanship and the abundance of successful endeavours, with a technological spin. We use white on black to transmit feelings of sobriety and seriousness. Ultimately, we offer a premium product, catering to the needs of a very demanding and highly sophisticated customer base. The switch from dark to light is one of the characteristics that capture the essence of our new brand. The choice of using darker colours on the website comes to emphasize the importance of this aspect.

Modern elements were chosen to ease the navigation: the burger menu that mirrors the mobile version, easy to click-on buttons and forms and a revamped footer among others. Much in line with our motto “get time back”, we avoided information overload by using punctual, strong sentences with sophisticated wording to transmit the biggest amount of information, fast. And full-blown images and videos representative of our identity. The home page video is an excellent example. Constructed out of fiber optics, the video emphasizes the fluidity, dynamism, speed and technology that represents Sherpany.

The structure of the website is uncomplicated, its pages revealing the type of information visitors can find from the very title. The visitor accesses the facts he needs in matter of second, instead of browsing through all the pages of the website. There is no hidden information, everything is clean, visible, straightforward. Regardless of the point of entry, may it be desktops or mobile devices.

We offer more than a board portal adjusted to accommodate document or meeting management needs; we allow Boards to take the right decision, faster, by improving the horizontal and vertical flow of communication between committee and among directors. And we strive to give you what you value most: time.

The project took little less than a year and the results are up to our expectations. The very first reviews of the new website came from members of the Sherpany team.

'I really like it. Modern, fluid. The dark colors give a premium look to the website.’ Ricardo

'I really like the new website with its timeless beauty and simplicity. It’s cool that there are some interactive tools which display data in a very comfortable way.’ Maurice

'The fibre and blue on black colour theme is excellent.’ Jacques

Not only were they positive, but they express the essence and authenticity that we wanted to capture from the very beginning. Now, it is time for people to get to know our new website and share their thoughts about it.

Sherpany is a young company built by curious, creative, results-oriented and driven professionals. We value each other’s inputs in an equal manner, regardless of seniority, and we guide ourselves by our own set of values. We strongly believe outstanding results makes us trustworthy. That is the reason we aimed for a new Sherpany website that was exclusive. A unicorn among websites to mirror our own uniqueness.

We are highly appreciative for all the support we have received from our team and our UX colleagues. We would also like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our external suppliers. The new website would not have become a reality if not for all of you. Thank you! 

Last but not least, the website is for you, dear reader, to (re)-discover Sherpany!

Approfondimenti e Risorse


Approfondimenti e Risorse

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I nostri approfondimenti riguardano i seguenti temi:

  • Gestione delle riunioni
  • Trasformazione digitale
  • Leadership agile

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