Gold and Silver Awards for Sherpany at the Best of Swiss Apps 2017


Sherpany is a proud Gold and Silver awards winner of this year's Best of Swiss Apps 2017 edition, reaching the podium again in two years. Since 2001, the Simsa (Swiss Internet Industry Association) gathers Swiss companies that bring forward the best technological apps on the market. Year after year the race for the Best of Swiss Apps Award became more popular and appreciated in Switzerland, the country that ranked first as the world's most competitive economy in 2017. This year's event took place on the 15th of November, at Paradeplatz, Aura Hall in Zürich.

Twice now the Sherpany App won the prestigious Best of Swiss Apps (BOSA) Award. Sherpany software for iOS and for Windows competed against 138 registrants and 32 finalists for the ultimate prize. And left the well-known information and technology event in Switzerland victorious once more.

Praised for its user-friendliness, navigation and elegance of design, Sherpany App offers top-level meeting organisers, leadership teams and Board members an intuitive user experience based on time-saving features. Boards often need to make quick decisions that depend on the information delivered to them. This can be transmitted through a variety of means: board books, in-person meetings and online and offline channels within their networks. Sherpany believes that technology can assist to organise this information, making it accessible for every user. The Sherpany App is available both as a mobile (iOS and Windows) application and as a web application. For registered users, the web application is accessible online via The mobile application for iOS and Windows requires users to download the Sherpany App from the respective App stores. Mobile applications can be used offline regardless of the location.

Sherpany’s CEO and founder, Tobias Häckermann could not be more pleased about winning the two BOSA 2017 awards: ‘Winning such prestigious prizes for the second time makes us proud. Our aim is to offer our users a premium software to enable them to make decisions fast and at a lower time-cost. The Best of Swiss Apps 2017 awards adds value to Sherpany and the Sherpany App.

Mathias Brenner, CTO is equally delighted to win the BOSA 2017 awards: ‘The Best of Swiss Apps 2017 ceremony was a nice experience and I am honored to be among the winners. Not only is the Sherpany App praised for its user-friendly navigation, but it is also appreciated for its elegance of design. These awards stand proof of an innovative and top-end App.

The leading Swiss provider of digital solutions, Sherpany is delivering its service to some of Europe’s largest companies. Our main goal is to provide software for Directors that will help them keep meetings and sessions organised and less time-consuming. This will enable them to make decisions quickly in fast-paced environments, and at a lower time-cost.

Check here the Sherpany App video presented at the Best of Swiss Apps 2017

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