Agility at work: a luxury or a business imperative?

Act fast, fail faster and quickly try something else. Great start-ups master agility. Unlike larger companies, which are tied to policies and internal regulations, start-ups developed early the ability to move and adapt.

Agility, however, don't just happen overnight. As with most business - recently launched or established - agility doesn't mean becoming agile in every part of the business. Start-ups that have embraced agility are both resilient, reliable and efficient, as well as fast and adaptive.

What makes a tech start-up like Sherpany agile?

Innovation has to come from within, from the company. Since its early days, Sherpany has constantly redesigned and adapted its structures, governance mechanisms and processes to reach a balance between stability and innovation. These efforts were sustained by the implementation of a work model that helped to pave the road to success.

'Remote by default' was among the implemented measures that aim to ensure employees work in a flexible environment.
 Studies on this topic have shown the advantages: a 13% increase in performance from home-working, with 91% of remote workers believing they 'get more work done when working remotely'.

At Sherpany, remote by default increased in popularity, especially among developers. Over time, the practice was successfully adopted by (new) Sherpanees employees all over the world, leading not only to a more relaxed working environment, but also to diverse thinking and skills.

What is the origin of this organisational culture?

Engineers, however, were not the first ones to adopt an agile working lifestyle. Long-lived and solid teams of sales managers have moved across the business world, from country to country, from company to company, and to business meetings. Defined in a very simple way: always on the move. When it comes to Sherpany, the startup is headquartered in Zürich, and has branch offices in Paris, Milan, Lisbon and Wrocław. With such an international presence, no wonder sales at Sherpany shape remote work, bringing it to another level.

They travel more often than any other team members, working from their remote 'offices' - be it airport lounges, trains or various locations - highlighting the benefits of digitising management meetings with the support of our Sherpany App every chance they get. In this context, agility is part of the deal. Resourceful and adaptive people, sales lean on the agility of remote working to show how is it to 'practice what you preach'.

In other words, each day, they use the meeting management software - Sherpany - to emphasize its value in front business partners and clients. Hence, change in the mindset of potential users begins with witnessing how it's done, followed naturally by the adoption of the practice, and ultimately, the acceptance of a digital tool in their meetings.

In the end, to achieve agility means to change, and first steps should start with a change in the mindset, not a shift in processes around long life cycles of products and markets. To this extent, start-ups need to keep to the momentum and make sure to exhibit the true meaning of the word agility - resilience, reliability, efficiency, and remote work - adaptiveness and fast learning.

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