Toni Ventura
Customer Success Manager at Sherpany

What does it take for leaders to move from traditional to digital meetings?

One of the biggest business revolutions in history is happening nowadays: the digital transformation of companies. Digital environments democratise opportunities for both large and small organisations, as they are openly accessible. Organisations have found in innovation a new engine for the road to success.

To achieve this goal and to end up becoming 3.0 organisations, companies must bet on implementing and developing a digital transformation strategy, and on maximising their capacity for adaptation in all layers of their business, especially in the managerial and upper levels. Digital transformation is the strategic opportunity to incorporate new technologies and processes so that the business becomes more efficient and open to new opportunities.

What is the path towards digitising meetings?

The adaptation of businesses and organisations to the new digital environment requires a correct use of available technology, and more so, a vision shared by the management team, a clear orientation to business and redesign of processes and organisational adjustments. Management teams share the vision on how social networks, mobile devices or big data can modify the business and activities. In this sense, we can also find possible disruptive services and products such as the digitalisation of the management meetings.

Digital meeting management is gaining space in the meeting management area for companies. The possibility of implementing new technologies to traditional meetings is not a new idea. We have seen Boards and Executives use email, Microsoft products or Skype, among other software. However, these came as a first technological wave. Now, we have specific digital solutions that integrate everything in an one-and-only product.

Whatever the main goal is, efficiency or cost reduction, digitisation can involve redesigning processes and redefining roles and functions. This entails not only taking into account the culture and structure of the organisation, but above all, accompanying both people and teams in the development of new skills. In an interview with Claudio Rollini, Senior Managing Director and Corporate Secretary, Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA, he stated:

“A tool might help fix a problem, improve a process, increase efficiency, effectiveness, speed, quantity and/or quality. In that sense, digital tools can definitely help and this is what apps such as Sherpany do for Board meetings.”

Digital tools bring clear benefits for the Board of Directors and are a valuable asset during their Board meetings. Additionally, digital solutions help tackle the main challenges Boards have, and ensure:

  • the preparation of meetings and provision of pre-read material in less time and in simple ways, instead of the paper-based approach;
  • increased flexibility because it is easier to enhance, modify, add or update documents;
  • the meetings’ participants can be reached and they can access their files anytime, anywhere; administrators can monitor whether the information aimed at participants actually reached them.

How to successfully implement digital solutions?

We now understand that there is room for improvement within the meeting management in small and big organisations. The question is how to implement digital solution and go through all the phases of adoption, while one of the main issue is resilience.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) states in an article that resilience is one of the major factors and barriers to change in an organisation, be it public or private. In our case, the digital transformation of the meetings of the Board of Directors is linked to the people that are in the Boards. As mentioned by Didier Bonnet, Global Practice Leader, Executive VP Capgemini Consulting:

“Most Boards are composed of 50+ years old individuals that are there because they have a high understanding of business opportunities and risks. They, however, often struggle to comprehend the new environment dominated by digital.”

The fact that most Boards are formed of senior members facing difficulties in adapting to digital trends and solutions hinders their ability to change their habitudes. Yet, Deloitte unveiled a report explaining that in 2017, managers in companies showed a growing awareness of digitisation, which ranks 12th position, raising seven positions in comparison to last year’s report. Worldwide, Boards and Executives are not only shifting to a more digitised point of view of business, but also are looking to implement new technologies to their style of management.

To learn more about digitalisation and digital meeting management and how can this help you embrace change, and what it brings - speed, security and efficiency - get in contact with us.

Toni Ventura
Toni Ventura
Customer Success Manager at Sherpany
Toni Ventura has a vast experience in consulting and client relations having lived and worked in four different countries. He joined Sherpany as a Customer Success Manager for the Italian, Spanish and French-speaking markets. His focus is on ways to add value to customers with every interaction, and increase efficiency, since "understanding the customers' processes and pain points lets us improve the dynamics of the meeting management, and eventually, makes the customer's life easier" .

Toni also writes about the challenges in meeting organisation.

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