A good mix of synergies: Sherpany partners up with VR-Symposium 2018

Sherpany is an official partner of the VR-Symposium 2018, an event which will take place on the 7th of September 2018, at the Swissôtel Zürich Oerlikon, in Switzerland.

The gathering addresses directors and board members in KMU (SMEs) with the goal of revealing new facets of the challenges VR's (Verwaltungsräte) face in their everyday life. Thomas Züger from OBT and Alexander Fust from KMU-HSG will be leading the event, followed by international renown speakers. Among them is Dr. Valentin Landmann, one of the most well-known defense lawyers in Switzerland.

Taking this opportunity as a chance to close the gap between digital solutions and directors, Sherpany makes the VR-Symposium 2018 the meeting point between the company and SMEs board members. Part of the event's official partners group and representative of Sherpany, Sergio Studer, Head of Sales, explains the reasons that led to this collaboration.

SherpanyWhat will this year's VR-Symposium 2018 theme be about?

Sergio Studer: The VR-Symposium 2018 is aimed at SMEs board members and prospective board members. Its purpose is to give participants the chance to share knowledge on how to overcome the challenges of everyday life of SMEs.The responsibilities, opportunities and risks of SMEs boards are constantly changing and this is where the VR-Symposium 2018 wants to close the gap.

In three breakout sessions, the event offers the opportunity to dive deeper into current topics for everyday SMEs life. It sheds light on different dimensions relevant to VRs; and the director's influence on leadership behaviour are examined in practical and highly topical sessions. The event is a network platform for like-minded people allowing members of the board to add value by sharing their experience and knowledge.

SherpanyHow did the idea of starting a partnership with VR-Symposium 2018 came to be?

Sergio Studer: We see a lot of synergies between the VR-Symposium 2018 and Sherpany. The Symposium directly addresses the needs of SMEs board members, and so does Sherpany. It makes perfect sense to bring together the leading digital solution for the meeting management and the people that can benefit from it the most - directors and board members.

SherpanyWhat are the benefits of presenting Sherpany meeting management software at this event?

Sergio Studer: One major benefit is the possibility to exchange ideas directly with board members, and future board members. This expands to the actual contact between the nextGen technology Sherpany offers and its users. It's the optimal opportunity for a trial-on type of interaction and face-to-face discussion about the new culture of meetings: digital executive and board meetings.

SherpanyWhat is the ground for this partnership? Will Sherpany partner up with other similar events in the future?

Sergio Studer: The partnership with VR-Symposium 2018 is a strategic one. After a highly successful event last year (more than 220 SMEs board members attended!), VR-Symposium 2018 promises an equally exciting event this autumn and Sherpany wishes to be part of this excitement. In addition to addressing the same group of people - board members - Sherpany's intent is to be a relevant, value-adding partner for this event as well as for all future VR events.

Find out more about this year's VR-Symposium 2018 event at


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