Innovative solutions: can SMS-based technology be replaced?

At Sherpany, we always strive to offer our customers the most innovative products and solutions possible. That is why, almost half a year ago, we partnered up with Futurae, a Swiss startup that brings on the market an original solution: SoundProof. The technology securely authenticates users of an application that have this technology integrated into their mobile devices via ambient noise, without the need of the user's direct interaction, increasing both the security and the user-friendliness of any software.

Since end of April, Sherpany users can opt between using the SoundProof solution, or continuing using the SMS-based technology. We are delighted to see that our customers are more and more enthusiastic about this free and user-friendly login process while accessing their Sherpany App, and so we expect an adoption rate of the SoundProof technology of 50% in the next six months.

How much time do you get back with SoundProof?

Users now have access to their Sherpany App via the Web environment and iOS devices while using the SoundProof solution. Installing it does not require any effort: it is done in 60 seconds - for first time users who need to go through the installation of the Futurae App process, and in 3 seconds each time they login in the Sherpany App. The process does not require any touching of user's device, and it's extremely fast. As one of our customers explains: "It was very easy. I was done after 1 min".

In addition, SoundProof solution is built to apply to compliance requirements on all levels, with the highest standard of security: it is built on a strong, proven, hardware-backed cryptographic standards: 2048-bit RSA keys, 128-bit AES-CBC, HMAC-SHA256. All our protocols run on top of TLS1.2 with certificate pinning. It is also top class in respect to UI/UX (user interaction and user experience), meaning it is appealing both in design and in easiness of use, similar to Sherpany.

Adopting SoundProof solution ensures a seamless login into the Sherpany App. The Futurae App can be found in stores (App Store, Google Play Store), and its installation process is done quickly on any user's mobile devices.

See how easy it is.

SoundProof Set Up I.png
SoundProof Set Up II.png
SoundProof Set Up III.png
SoundProof Set Up IV.png
SoundProof Set Up V.png
SoundProof Set Up VI.png

So, what makes SMS-based technology seem obsolete?

Most security-concerned Apps place safety on security codes sent via SMS messages on user's mobile devices each time they login, or when there is an update. Security codes are unique and sent to one user only, by an external provider, independent from the Apps. This way of accessing Web applications and customer portals in highly regulated industries is losing grounds. SMS authentication (mTAN) might be replaced in the near future with alternative technologies, such as SoundProof. This does not mean, however, that the Two-Factor Authentication is not secure per se, but known researches have shown abuse of the SMS protocol.

Today's technological advancements have gone beyond the simple sending of SMS messages. Focused (even) more on security, and on improving the quality of the user's experience, these solutions offer much more freedom. Logging in to your Sherpany App not only became faster, but also a lot more convenient. Using ambient sound to enable authentication, solutions like Futurae's SoundProof facilitate the life of busy directors, board members and administrators, helping them save precious time.

Find out more about Sherpany's partnership with Futurae: 'Security sounds good: Sherpany partners up with Futurae'

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