Gold award winner of the 2018 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Our constant energy to create a one of a kind working environment and culture has been awarded this year. We are proud to announce the winning of a gold award at this year's edition of the 2018 Stevie Awards for Great Employers.

The Awards Banquet took place in the Marriott Marquis Hotel, in New York, on the 21st. of September. Created in 2002 to honour and generate public recognition of the achievements of organisations, and of working professionals worldwide, the Stevie Awards are considered the world's premier business awards.

There are seven Stevie Awards programs to which 150 judges contribute each year to help nominate the winners from among respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. Over 10.000 companies from more than 60 nations take part in the prestigious awards annually.

The Stevie Awards for Great Employers is among these seven programs. Since the beginning of 2017, the Awards for Great Employers is open for companies from all industries worldwide, and it recognises the world's best organisations to work for, and the human resources teams and professionals. In 2018, 550 companies were nominated for this prize, and Sherpany won in the Internet/New Media category.

The distinguished award reflects our continuous enthusiasm towards our day-to-day work, our company, and our colleagues. At Sherpany, we foster a culture that is collaborative, agile and creative. Here, talents are encouraged to put their skills in practice, and achieve the best results they can achieve in any given project - be it professional, or personal.

Tsering Selang, Talent Hacker at Sherpany, explains that:

"people at Sherpany are the foundation to our past, current and future success. Hence, you can’t be a great employer without great employees." 

The Stevie Awards recognises the world’s best organisations to work for. "For us, in that sense, not only does the award prove that we offer a great and unique working environment, it is also shows that we have a world class team on board. It’s important for us to let people that are interested in working at Sherpany know that once they start with us they can be sure to find a great and unique working environment with outstanding people that share the same values and thrive for greatness" concludes Tsering.

We bring talents together, and with more than 60 professionals spread across various locations globally, we strongly live by the values that represent us as Sherpanees:

  • appreciative
  • service-oriented
  • curious
  • result-driven
  • trustworthy

At present, Sherpany is the fastest growing startup in Switzerland, and the leading European provider of meeting management solutions for executives and board members. Through our meeting management software, we transform the meeting culture turning executive and board meetings into efficient, secure and time-saving leadership tools.

In 2017, the Swiss startup won a Stevie Silver Award, among other international awards, for its meeting management software. Discover all achievements, and get to know the talented people working here by visiting our website. More so, we welcome you to join us, so let's get in contact.

Approfondimenti e Risorse


Approfondimenti e Risorse

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I nostri approfondimenti riguardano i seguenti temi:

  • Gestione delle riunioni
  • Trasformazione digitale
  • Leadership agile

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