Leadership resolutions for efficient meetings

As the year comes to an end, it's time to look back on our accomplishments and plan our next objectives. Many executive directors, board members and senior managers take this opportunity to look for ways of improvement, whether this is related to their company's processes, such as the ways they communicate, work together as teams or hold leadership meetings, or ways in which they organise themselves in terms of time management and human resources. Thus, this period becomes crucially important for leaders to think of how to better themselves and their companies next year. To support directors in the process of planning and deep thinking, we asked successful leaders:

"What is your advice to executive directors and board members
to help them make sure their leadership meetings are more efficient in 2019?"

Here are some of their recommendations.

"Focus on these 3 questions to improve the meeting time efficiency:

1. Do I understand the added-value of each item?  If not, it should be rejected and removed from the meeting agenda;

2. Did I collaborate sufficiently while preparing for the meeting? If not, admit it at the beginning of the meeting instead of wasting my colleagues' valuable time;

3. Does everyone need to participate at the whole meeting? If not, organise the agenda in such a way, that as little time as possible is wasted. Let participants leave once their contribution is made. It means appreciating their time.

Tobias Häckermann, CEO of SHERPANY

"There is no leadership without efficiency.Patrick Lardi, Member of the Board of Directors of ST Real Estate and of Fidinam Australasia Real Estate

"Make sure that meetings are only held if necessary. Asynchronous information followed by a circular resolution is often sufficient thus, more efficient. Always ask the question: Why is a meeting the best instrument to achieve the expected outcome?Nicole Herzog, Chairperson of SHERPANY

"Challenge the status quo, ban complacency, see challenges as opportunities and keep it simple.Claudio Rollini, Senior Managing Director and Corporate Secretary, Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA

"Efficient meetings require that each agenda item is treated as worthy of the directors' time and thinking. Why does this topic matter and what do we need to accomplish in our discussion about this topic?

Clarity on these two questions will guide the preparation and participation of those attending. Work on issues that call for the experience and wisdom of the group. Keep information sharing topics to a minimum.
" Paul Axtell, Author of Meetings Matter, HBR Contributor and Speaker

Approfondimenti e Risorse

Andrea Ratzenberger, AISCA & Sherpany

Sherpany entra nella Top list 2020 di Forbes Italia


Approfondimenti e Risorse

Pubblichiamo approfondimenti per aiutare i Leader e gli Amministratori a trarre il massimo valore dai loro incontri. Fra i contenuti messi a disposizione: interviste ad esperti, articoli, white paper, guide e casi di studio.

I nostri approfondimenti riguardano i seguenti temi:

  • Gestione delle riunioni
  • Trasformazione digitale
  • Leadership agile

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