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A real business solution for the Geneva Airport board of directors

Security and safety are part of the core business of an airport and, with the escalation of new technologies and digitalisation processes, it is rather important to ensure the highest security level across a company’s structure, in each and every process. Alike many companies, Geneva Airport wanted to ensure the alignment of the processes of digital transformation and security, and found in its board meetings the starting point.

‘A lot of paper and a lot of emails’, this is how the CIO of the Geneva Airport, Massimo Gentile, defined the previous board of directors (and it’s bureau) meeting process, held around 10 times in a year. The excess of paper hindered the management and transmission of information - especially confidential information - and the emails went through the risk of not being read. In all cases, the result was always a lot of work for the person in charge of this organisational process.

It became necessary to review the process, smoothing it up while ensuring the maximum security. In short, the Geneva Airport needed a safe system capable of centralising important information and able to ensure a secure receipt. At the request of the board of directors president, Massimo Gentile started his search for potential meeting management solutions.

Security: one high level approach to risk

In today’s context, organisations face digital transformation, high regulation and the need to be compliant with these requirements across all the levels and dimensions of the company, including data security. For the CIO Massimo Gentile, ‘it is not possible to implement a strong security system across all the company and not doing so at the board level.’

While searching for a suitable solution, Mr Gentile had three options on his table: one internal and two external, among which Sherpany’s meeting management software.

To improve the meeting management process of the board of directors, it was crucial to adopt one solution capable of centralising and managing all the information in an extremely secure way, and to have a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The easiness of use was one of the main points to convince Mr Gentile: ‘I worked with your colleague and he showed me the solution, after 15 minutes it was ok. It was very, very easy to use.’ During this period of getting to know the software, the CIO told us that the watermark feature was especially interesting for the team, useful in the management of confidential material for example, and also referred the advantages that the possibility of tracking information entailed. Apart from those, the solution had to ensure security in each step of the process - Sherpany was chosen. The implementation process was ‘really amazing’, words of the CIO that once again took the chance to highlight the easiness of use of the meeting management software. ‘You can use it in a few minutes, in a few hours.’

It is important to ensure the usage of the software by everyone. ‘You cannot say ok half of the board members use it, because in this case you would have to maintain two different processes: the digital and the paper. And so you are not gaining, or using the best of the solution. This is why we need to spend time in training and we had a very good support from your colleagues’, explained Massimo Gentile.

One software for security and confidentiality, efficiency, and segregation of duties

Software adaptation timings are different for each individual, for some new users the adoption was almost immediate and it took a few days or even hours, in some cases. Other users were guided by Sherpany’s Customer Success team, according to their needs. At the end, this approach was successful and the meeting management tool was adopted by all the 20 members of the board of directors.




For the CIO of the Geneva Airport, the advantages of implementing Sherpany’s meeting management software are clear: a complete guarantee in terms of security and confidentiality of data for all users, a clear improved efficiency of internal processes, and an easy application of the principle of separation of duties within the tool - which is particularly important when it comes to board of directors meetings.

‘Objectively, it works’ states Massimo Gentile.



About Geneva Airport

The Geneva Airport, in Switzerland, was built in the year of 1920 and two years later the first commercial flights took off. Today, this airport employs over 12,000 people and receives annually more than 17 million passengers. We had the honour to talk to Massimo Gentile, who has been in the company since 2007 and is currently the CIO in charge of the Technology Direction, about the company’s experience with the meeting management software Sherpany.

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