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30% less time spent in meetings: how Swiss Tennis got time back

We live in a fast-paced world where information is abundant and instantaneous, requiring companies to rethink the way information is transmitted so as to ensure an efficient process. In 2016, Swiss Tennis started to use Sherpany’s executive and board portal to embrace some of the opportunities brought by digital transformation and also to adapt their meeting culture to today’s reality.

Sending tons of paper document copies was part of the preparation to the board of directors, commission and committee meetings at Swiss Tennis. At a certain point, it was no longer an option. The costs and the waste related to paper were in contrast with the organisation’s sustainability vision. ‘When we calculated our costs when it comes to printing and sending out masses of paperwork over the year {...} it was evident that an electronic solution with Sherpany was the best option for our Federation and for the communication with its target groups’, explained René Stammbach, President of Swiss Tennis.

Swiss Tennis’ board of directors meet 5 times a year, the management does so once a month and considering as well their commissions and committees it all adds up to more than 50 meetings a year.


René Stammbach, President of Swiss Tennis

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A quick and easy software adoption in a diverse group of board members

With a diverse group of board members when it comes to language, age, gender, education, and even interests it was necessary to opt for a solution that could be understood and managed by everyone. Another requirement was the geographical coverage: Swiss Tennis is spread across 19 regional associations and more than 850 clubs in Switzerland.

Sherpany was the match to all these criteria and so the transition from paper to digital meetings began. When this transition started not all board or management members had the same IT skills, each one had its own individual level but still, the process was handled in a ‘quick and easy’ way, according to René.

The ideal tool to prepare and conduct meetings at Swiss Tennis

After a first period using the executive and board portal, the organisation noticed the first results: cost cutting, less use of other resources as paper and a general simplification of their communication and information efforts. ‘The savings equal or even exceed the required investment for Sherpany’s software, which is a determining factor’ explains René Stammbach.

For board members, a great advantage is the easy handling of documents, which can be consulted securely in any place and time. ‘Rather than travelling with impressive amounts of paperwork, all necessary information is now accessible from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.’

In his personal experience, the President of Swiss Tennis highlighted the time management gains achieved with the adoption of the software: ‘I observed that my preparation time for meetings has dropped significantly, I would say almost 50%.’ This time gain is due to some of the app features that allow users to add notes, define topic priorities in the meeting agenda and handwrite as with paper.

I observed that my preparation time for meetings has dropped significantly, I would say almost 50%
- René Stammbach, President of Swiss Tennis

These and other characteristics of the executive and board portal of Sherpany are reflected in the time spent in meetings, told us René: ‘The program has also shortened the time of meetings - I would guess a figure 30% of duration saved.’ The results are positive and overall the organisation considers Sherpany’s software the ideal tool to prepare and conduct meetings at Swiss Tennis.

30% less time spent in meetings

‘Today the Board works more effectively, timely and overall much more engaged’
- René Stammbach, President of Swiss Tennis

About Swiss Tennis

Swiss Tennis is the third largest sports association in Switzerland and it is also a leader in the promotion of tennis in the country. Founded in 1896, the company’s mission is to ensure the sustainable promotion of tennis. In 2016, Swiss Tennis started using Sherpany’s executive and board portal to handle their board of directors, commissions and committees meetings while ensuring alignment with the company’s values, among which, sustainability.

We discovered more about their first experience with a meeting management software with René Stammbach, President of Swiss Tennis since 2006, who focuses his mandate on the successful improvement of the Federation finances and further investing in the game development.

To know more about Swiss Tennis, visit the website.

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