On top of digital trends: Sherpany’s view on the French event "Documation"

Keeping up with the latest trends in digital is essential for us. For this reason, we've recently attended this edition of the "Documation / Digital Workplace" conference. The event took place between the 19th and the 21st of March, in the Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris and it was organised by Viparis, a group of companies that is hosting well-known, exciting events in, and near the French capital. 

The conference covered issues like the Internet, digital practices, mobility solutions, the management of documents and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) topics. Find out details about the event from Sherpany's meeting expert and attendee, Sarra Ghaïb.

Sherpany: The "Documation / Digital Workplace" seems like a one-in-two type of event. Can you tell us more about the choice of format, the topics debated and its target audience?

Sarra Ghaïb: "Documation" is an annual event for professionals in information management, document processes and data management. It brings together major market players, and a series of conferences and workshops. This year's "Documation" addresses topics as digital transition, dematerialisation, mobility, digital trust, data protection, collaboration, big data and more. In parallel to the "Documation" exhibition other are held as well: "The Digital Workplace", "Intranet", "Collaborative Work Mobility" and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). These showcase the latest innovations and productivity tools with respect to the intranet, digital workplace, collaborative & informative spaces, and unified communications.

SherpanyWhose speech appealed to you more? Why?

Sarra Ghaïb: The offer was so rich that I would have liked to be in two places at the same time to attend an even larger number of talks! Yet, a particular round table appealed to me the most: "Which strategies and innovations are used in information production and dissemination of strategic decision-making in the era of mobility, collaboration and data-notification?" Testimonies from Safran, Carrefour and Crédit Agricole provided information from companies that adopt these strategies daily, and allowed them to share their best practices.

Another conference that caught my attention was the "Digital Workplace: Strategies and best practices for successful deployment of this transversal & human project." Any digital transformation project is above all a human and a transversal project, not only an IT one. Before its start, it's important to define the strategy to adopt, the criteria to choose its solutions, the type of deployment to implement and the cost.

This conference echoes Sherpany's methodology and how we manage projects with our clients. We always try to involve the entire company by having the Management, IT, Business and Communication Department to collaborate because these entities are key to engaging employees in sustainable change.

SherpanyHow does the theme and the topic(s) of the conference connect to Sherpany's offer?

Sarra Ghaïb: "Documation" is dedicated to information and document process management, while this year, "Digital Workplace" was dedicated to the intranet, collaborative platforms and new ways of working. It was only natural for Sherpany to participate since we support companies in their digital transformation process by tackling the dematerialisation of the board of directors, and by providing a meeting management solution that enables a more productive meeting culture with the support of a collaborative platform. Sherpany's software addresses the issue of digitalisation of executive and board meetings, encourages collaboration among participants and ensures the protection of the company's sensitive data.

SherpanyWhat digital trend do you see setting in lately in the French companies? How is it influencing the way business is done?

Sarra Ghaïb: Today, we are talking about accelerating digital transformation, changing working methods (teleworking, nomadism), digital workplace, artificial intelligence (AI), data and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), all of which represent new opportunities for other user experiences. Companies want to work, collaborate and communicate in smarter ways, simply and efficiently, anywhere and from any device. All these disruptions create new needs, and help new players and solutions emerge on the market. Today's platforms will go further in using artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich information and extract more value from it.

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