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How you can benefit from Sherpany

Sherpany is the first independent platform that facilitates close, personal and tangible communication between companies, boards of directors and investors. Modern companies can solidify the loyalty of investors, focus on their work in the board of directors and increase corporate governance with Sherpany.

  • Swiss market leader

  • New integration of shareholders’ interests, board of directors and inclusion of voting rights consultants

  • Used and recommended by institutional investors, communication consultants and investor relations associations

Investor Service

Investor Service

The Sherpany Investor Service lets you include your shareholders in advance of the General Meeting, recognise early what matters to them and facilitates new ways of voting (eVoting).



Sherpany’s boardroom ensures lean processes in the administration. Preparing meetings is easier and helps you meet compliance demands and lets you access anything you need at one central point.

Sherpany News

07. September 2016 Delivering a better user experience
Delivering a better user experience
The new Sherpany Boardroom Web Version 2.0 offers better performance, improved features and a user-friendly design.... More
11. August 2016
Sherpany Boardroom. Get the most out of your time
Good decisions require thorough preparation, the study of the facts and figures, and efficient meetings. Sherpany supports Board Members at all levels of the decision-making process.
27. July 2016 How protected is your data?
How protected is your data?
Security represents one of the biggest threats in 2016. But it can also represent one of the best opportunity.... More

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