For leaders, great achievements start in meetings

Yet, almost half of leaders expect to lose competitive advantage as a result of unproductive meetings, which cost companies more than $250 billion each year

We know that bad meetings happen in companies every day

Meetings can make the difference between a daydream and a moonshot

This is why we exist

Meeting management is the solution, and at Sherpany we live and breathe it. Our mission is to help leaders find a better way to meet, one that serves as a foundation upon which all your great achievements are built.

Since 2011, Sherpany has been building a world where every meeting counts. Our technology and framework support over 7,000 leaders in reaching their goals, and we are excited to help you use meetings to achieve more, too. 

To get started, read our step-by-step guide for effective business meetings


What our customers say:

Sherpany offers valuable tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all kinds of management meetings.

Prof Dr Hanns-Peter Knaebel
CEO of Röchling Group

Time is money and every meeting counts. Therefore, every organisation should consider how to combine good corporate governance with efficient meeting management.

Adrian Escher
Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors at KENDRIS

I recommend Sherpany to everyone who spends a lot of time in meetings. They will not regret it.

Martin Schwab
Executive member Axpo Group and CEO CKW
Start having better meetings now.

‘Business performance in the modern era hinges on optimised leadership meetings’, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sherpany, 2021.  

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