Ioana Bota

How protected is your data?

Security represents one of the biggest threats in 2016. But it can also represent one of the best opportunity companies can take advantage of. And differentiate themselves from competitors.

Changes in the EU law on the General Data Protection Regulation compel organisations to publicly report many more data breaches. Public reporting will increase as more companies must manage an increased volume of stored data. Countless connected devices also add to this strain. And so the risk of data breach rises.

Stricter rules, however, will ensure that organisations learn how to better handle data. Also, top management needs to understand the implications long before they adhere to new technologies. And engage their Boards in understanding the importance of data protection and security.

From the Board Members’ point of view, one essential aspect in their workflow is the need to access critical data on their devices in real-time. And trust that data is safe. Sherpany understands the value of protected data, and provides directors with a security compliant software.

In May 2016, our company got the ISO 27001 certification, offering more reliability and added security. The certification attests that we have reached the next level of maturity in terms of IT security. The ISO 27001 ensures that Sherpany Boardroom is the best solution for Board Members to take informed decisions and make the most of strategic decision making, without feeling uneasy about exchanging sensitive data.

In the age of digital disruption, companies that have an information security system implemented and trustworthy business partners by their side have nothing to worry about. New regulations and possible threats are not alarming anymore. To learn more about ISO 27001 and decision-making, visit Board Blog.

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