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Our workshops and online courses will make you the catalyst that transforms your meetings into venues where results are achieved.


Sherpany’s collaboration with the prestigious University of St. Gallen seamlessly integrates industry proficiency with academic brilliance, creating a superior training experience designed to enhance your meetings. Learn more about our innovative collaboration here.

I recommend the Meeting Leader Certification from Sherpany. I was able to implement some of the things I've learned already during the course and have had tangible improvements in the meetings I lead. I look forward to tweaking them even further in the future. I can prepare better for them, lead them with more confidence, and can create action points associated with specific people and deadlines.
Edward Ruvinski
Die Post


Our courses are designed for professionals at all levels, including team members, managers, and executives. Whether you're looking to improve individual skills, enhance team collaboration, or refine your organisation's meeting culture, our educational offering caters to a wide range of needs.

Each course focuses on specific aspects of meeting management, from individual skills to team dynamics. Review the course descriptions to determine which best aligns with your objectives. If you need further assistance, your Account Manager or Sales Representative will help you to find the best course for you.

Our Meeting Leader Certification is a blended learning course composed of online learning modules and webinars. The Excellent Meeting Workshop is an in-person workshop. Our Meeting Productivity Booster and Design and Run Better Hybrid Meetings courses can be run on site or virtually.

Yes, through Sherpany Credits we provide special pricing for groups, and customised corporate packages to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Contact your Sherpany representative for more information on the discounts and tailored solutions available.

The courses have different durations, but the knowledge you gain from our courses can be applied to your meetings immediately and you will notice incremental improvements in your meetings the more consistently you apply the best practices. Here is an overview of their length:

  • Meeting Productivity Booster: 1 - 2 hours
  • Design and Run Better Hybrid Meetings: 1 - 2 hours
  • Exellent Meeting Workshop: 1 day
  • Meeting Leader Certification: 15 hours over six months