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The security of your data is our top priority. See why thousands of leaders trust Sherpany to keep their meeting information safe and compliant.


Secure meetings

You have full control over your account and your meetings in Sherpany. Two-factor authentication ensures risk-free access and the different levels of security guarantee that only authorised users can view the documents in a meeting.


Safeguard data

Sherpany software has guaranteed availability of 99.9%. For that, we use end-to-end encryption methods (AES 256 and SSL-TLS 256), and our solution runs on a geo-redundant setup with independent Swiss-based data centres.


Ensure data privacy

At Sherpany, keeping your data safe is our highest concern. That is why we are compliant with the EU's GDPR, the security standards outlined by the Swiss Data Protection Regulation, and we are unaffected by the US Cloud Act.

Certified by independent regulators

ISO/IEC 27001

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

ISAE 3000 Type II

International Standard on Assurance Engagements

FINMA 18/3

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

Our expertise keeps your company safe

Choose SaaS or Hybrid-cloud

Our hybrid-cloud solution combines the benefits of SaaS with the need for on-premise data storage, including disaster recovery and backups.

99.9% guaranteed availability

We base our partnerships on transparency, which is why you can see real-time information about our system performance at any time on our status page .

Ensure compliance with all applicable legislation

Sherpany maximizes your compliance and ensures the highest European security standards when it comes to protecting confidential data. Our meeting solution is ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000 certified, compliant with GDPR,  BaFin and FINMA regulations, and not affected by the US CLOUD Act.


Checked by Bug Bounty Switzerland

Protection against cyberattacks - The ethical hackers of Bug Bounty Switzerland permanently check Sherpany for security vulnerabilities. Sherpany thus benefits from the collective intelligence of a global community of highly specialised security researchers.


Read expert analysis and follow best practices 

We have all the measures and processes in place to safeguard our customers' most sensitive data. Our approach to security includes encryption of data at rest and in transit, network and data centre security, independent assurance, compliance and more.

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Sherpany’s data centres are located in Switzerland and offer a hosting environment with multiple layers of security. Our data centres include:

  • A variety of physical security measures to prevent unauthorised access to the equipment
  • Local redundancies to eliminate single points of failure
  • A geographically independent set-up in order to be prepared for worst-case scenarios
  • ISO 27001 certifications to demonstrate compliance with industry best practices

Sherpany’s customers can opt for a SaaS (Software as a Service) or a hybrid-cloud solution.

Data security is a top priority at Sherpany. As a result, there are several measures in place to 1) secure your meetings 2) safeguard your data, and 3) assure data privacy. These include but are not limited to: two-factor authentication; different levels of access to meeting documents; end-to-end encryption methods; compliance with the EU's GDPR and the security standards outlined by the Swiss Data Protection Regulation. Please visit our security page to discover all our measures.

As an Administrator of your Sherpany room, you are able to define who has access to specific meetings, agendas, and documents.