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Digitalise your entire meeting lifecycle and replace a patchwork of tools with one robust meeting solution. 

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Global organisations trust Sherpany for their board and executive meetings. 


Board members and executives organise, lead, and attend meetings using Sherpany.

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Of our customers renew their contracts and remain Sherpany users year over year.

Support your entire meeting lifecycle

Our all-in-one solution is designed to support you every step of the way — from agenda creation, to managing follow-ups. Find out how:

Set the stage for effective meetings

Before the meeting

Say goodbye to endless email threads and ill-prepared meeting participants. With Sherpany, you can instantly create agendas intuitively, and manage document distribution and overall organisation in a single, secure solution. Give participants everything they need to prepare fully for meetings, and encourage collaboration before the meeting has even begun.

Set solid foundations for your meetings

No need to create agendas from scratch — use our customisable agenda templates and get started in seconds. Set goals, structure the agendas with item types and timings, and coordinate the collection of relevant meeting material.

Don’t reinvent the wheel — simply clone a previous meeting to use it for the next meeting. This saves up to 70% of the time to set up your recurring meeting. 

Managing urgent voting has never been easier. With our Digital Circular Resolution feature, you can cast votes in full compliance without gathering physically, and the board remains informed of decisions made in advance.

Add documents to your meetings in seconds. With Sherpany, you can drag-and-drop documents in bulk — either from your Sherpany account or your computer. 

Handle all information required for each meeting — centralised into one secure platform. Documents are collected digitally and are available on- and offline, enabling participants to prepare fully from anywhere in the world.

For executive meetings, co-creation of agenda items can be vital. Our solution empowers participants to contribute to the structure of meetings by co-authoring agenda items in real time. 

Increase your meeting preparedness, resulting in more focused discussions during the meeting. This feature motivates preparation by highlighting the documents, comments, votes, and other actions that require attention before meetings, and helps you track progress with real-time updates.

Gain clarity and save precious meeting time with our commenting feature. This enables you to collaborate asynchronously before a meeting, clarify questions through commenting, and receive real-time follow-ups.

Individual preparation has never been easier. Simply highlight and annotate important points directly in documents on Sherpany — which are visible only to you. Whether you’re leading the meeting or not, this feature ensures important points aren’t missed.

Prefer having your agenda printed physically? Great news! Agendas are available in PDF format, meaning that you can print them from any device and have it in physical form ahead of the meeting. 

External media, content, and tools — linked in your agendas.

Elevate your meetings with a wide range of external media, content, and popular tools. Include external web pages and tools such as Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Forms, SharePoint documents, Miro Boards and more — all directly in your agenda items. 

  • Office 365
  • YouTube
  • Miro
  • Loom
  • Slido
  • Google Suite

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Ensure your meetings achieve their goals

During the meeting

Our solution ensures you build great meetings from solid foundations. Hold outcome-oriented discussions, make informed decisions, and effortlessly track outcomes from a unified control centre.

Turn precious meeting time into real value

Record the key takeaways and decisions from board and executive meetings effortlessly. Use our pre-filled minutes template based on your meeting agenda, and leverage the automated summary of all decisions and actions taken to ensure everyone is aligned before the meeting ends.

Empower agenda item leaders to guide all participants through the content with Presenter Mode. Enable presenters to control a shared view without sharing their private notes, and ensure that everyone stays on the same page throughout the meeting.

Our 5-Minute Reminder feature ensures meetings stay on track, and on time. This reduces frustration among participants, makes sure nobody is late for their next meeting, and also reminds participants to submit feedback punctually.

Our Meeting Feedback feature allows meeting leaders to optimise their approach to meetings. By requesting during a meeting, this feature provides actionable insights to improve the meeting management skills of the meeting leader — and therefore improve the quality of your meetings.

Seamless integrations with your existing tools

Sherpany integrates with your existing infrastructure — including Microsoft Teams. This enables you to create audio and video calls directly in Sherpany — with just a three-click setup. It also enables you to send automatic calendar invitations to all participants, receive automated meeting updates, and join your meetings in just one click — either from Microsoft Teams or Sherpany.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Audio & Video Calls
  • Microsoft Office

Want to see the features in action?

Translate meetings directly into action

After the meeting

Sherpany optimises meeting follow-ups and fosters ownership and accountability, ensuring that your board and executive meetings lead to meaningful outcomes.

Optimise meeting follow-up and administration

Maintain visibility of the tasks and decisions — and prevent missed deadlines. Our Tasks & Decisions feature ensures that action items are completed on time, providing a clear and efficient way to manage post-meeting tasks. Tasks can be filtered and assigned to external stakeholders and non-Sherpany users without compromising security, and overdue items can be added to future meetings.

When the meeting is over, generate and send your board meeting minutes in PDF for review to ensure approval. Select items, add signers, and have the chairperson and corporate secretary sign the approved meeting minutes in one go. Obtain legally binding signatures using our e-signing feature.

Access all PDFs in your Sherpany Library. By clicking on a PDF, you can see a preview in the right panel without needing to download the entire document. Documents can also be labelled in the Library so that they are easily searchable.

With Sherpany, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for —  including documents, past meetings, discussions, follow-up actions, and much more.

Ready to see these features in action?

Confidentiality — guaranteed.

We’re committed to providing robust and secure services that ensure the integrity and protection of our customers’ data.

Sherpany's highly secure and FINMA-approved software gives you peace of mind, guaranteeing robust protection for confidential information and maintaining total compliance to ensure that all documents, decisions, and actions are documented and are legally binding.


GDPR & FINMA Compliant


ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000 certifications


Unaffected by the US Cloud Act


End-to-end encryption


Access to audit-proof archiving


Remote wiping capability


Granular access control to meeting materials


SCIM provisioning


SAML-based SSO

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