Meet Sherpany’s Features

Digitalise your entire meeting lifecycle and replace a patchwork of tools with one robust meeting solution.


Why waste precious minutes on minutes?

Meeting minutes

Our customers have often cited every aspect of meeting minutes — from note taking to follow-up — as one of their biggest pain points. To solve this, Sherpany provides users with a pre-filled minutes template based on the meeting's agenda that makes keeping track of and documenting discussions quick and painless.


Vote electronically - no more raised hands

Voting & electronic signatures

The in-meeting decision-making process has undergone a makeover and an upgrade thanks to Sherpany. With our Digital Circular Resolution feature, decision taking and certification are just a click away.


Take notes just like you used to do


Our users are tired of paper, but not the pen. With Sherpany’s annotation tool, you can carry on as normal, but we’re swapping the paper for your tablet’s screen. Advantages include: having everything in one place, making the transition to digital seamless, and not having ink all over your hands.


Agendas to suit your growing needs

Agenda builder

Agendas are the bedrock that successful meetings are built on. Sherpany provides you with everything you need to add agenda item assignees and collaborators, ensuring your meeting goals are met while creating mutual understanding and a sense of ownership.


Turn your decisions into actions

Tasks & Decisions

Once a decision’s been taken with Sherpany’s voting feature, you can start assigning tasks to specific stakeholders, and track their progress. Sherpany’s research has indicated that this is the best way to get things done, and so we have made this feature available to all users.

Want to see Sherpany in action?


Teamwork makes the dream work


Collaboration is key to success. With Sherpany, you can foster a more collaborative environment by using our comments feature. Discuss decisions, projects, or give feedback via the Sherpany tool before, during and after meetings.


Online. Offline. Anywhere.

Document management

Make the most of your time. When our users run into unexpected changes in their plans, they can still tackle their workload with agility thanks to Sherpany. Our software allows you to securely access your documents offline as well as online, no matter where you are.


A presentation is worth a thousand words

Presenter mode

With Sherpany, you can easily provide your colleagues with visuals with our Presentation View feature. This feature allows your coworkers to see exactly what’s happening on your screen, which will help them follow discussions.