Sherpany is here for you to make excellent meetings come true. Choose your plan whether you prefer to start low and go slow or implement change company wide straight away.


Digitise the whole meeting experience while keeping board documents and communications confidential.

Board of directors
  • Up to 20 users
  • 1 room


75 EUR

  • Paperless board meetings 
  • Secure document exchange and management

  • Planning, approval, and voting workflows

  • 100% confidential


Help your executive teams save time and drive strategy forward at meetings.

Executive committees
  • 20+ users
  • Up to 5 rooms


44 EUR

  • Unified meeting space to prepare, meet, and follow up
  • Collaborate and track progress at every step
  • Ensure action points are executed
  • Exchange documents securely


Improve meeting culture at all levels of decision making — in the most secure way.

  • 100+ users
  • Unlimited rooms


36 EUR

  • Integrated meeting culture improvement
  • Embedded video calling
  • Easy integration with favorite collaboration tool
  • Secure and compliant with your industry standards

Prepare for meetings and send follow-ups on the go with native apps


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Empower the board
Agenda and Minutes approval workflows
Digital document library
Granular Access Rights Management
Digital Circular Resolution and Signatures

Agenda and Meeting Builder Wizard
Meeting Preparedness
Secure document collaboration and sharing
Private notes on documents
Member invitation and management
Calendar integration
Topic Hub

Integration with 3rd party video conferencing
Embedded video conferencing Sherpany Meet
View and collaborate on Office documents
Public and private ideas sharing with Comments feature
Feedback sharing

Task & decision management
Secure document exchange with externals

Security and compliance
Two-factor authentication
Single sign-on
System administration portal
Conditional access (IP whitelisting)
Compliance pop-ups
Confidential data protection and compliance

Premium plan

Looking for an all-inclusive offering?

Sherpany provides us with structure and discipline. Discussions are more focused and we reach decisions faster. The tasks and decisions feature is amazing. It allows me to see all decisions, next tasks, and who is responsible.

Karel Leeflang
CEO StrategyPod

I have the agenda as a template, we can then add comments, and have draft minutes prepared immediately after the meeting - it's fantastic.

Conny Oberholzer
BoD Assistant Belimo Holding

I estimate saving at least six hours per week on meeting preparation thanks to Sherpany.

Pascal Niquille
Former CEO Zuger Kantonalbank

I observed that my preparation time for meetings has dropped significantly, I would say by almost 50%.

René Stammbach
President of Swiss Tennis


Sherpany’s pricing model is a monthly fee based on the total number of users, and the customers’ requirements and current meeting processes. Please contact our sales team  for more information.

The board plan is the right solution for the meeting management of one board. It includes the functionalities needed to prepare and run board meetings, including:

  • Digital Circular Resolution meeting type with Digital Signatures
  • Board book for member archiving
  • Approval workflows for agenda and minutes
  • Document management for secure document exchange with Board members (Library)
  • Agenda item permission management to manage conflicts of interest. 

The enterprise plan is ideal for the meeting management of large enterprises and/or highly-regulated industries (e.g. banking, insurance, healthcare). It includes unlimited meeting rooms, 24/7/365 support, and enhanced features such as:

  • Support for conditional access (IP filtering, whitelisting) 
  • Pop-ups for all users accessing Sherpany, which can be renewed periodically. Content can be defined by customer, applicable for privacy and customer identifying data disclaimers. 
  • Preventing copy/paste from PDF documents in Sherpany
  • Possibility to upload password-protected PDF files in Sherpany
  • Making watermarks always visible on documents uploaded to Sherpany
  • Confidential Mode for notifications to avoid sensitive content being shared via email. 

After the initial onboarding there are two options to onboard new users to Sherpany:

  • Self-service onboarding, where the users can onboard themselves through our standardised onboarding program. 
  • Individual onboarding with our customer success specialists (at an additional cost).

Sherpany offers special discount pricing for qualified non-profit organisations and educational institutions. Please contact our sales team  for more information.

Sherpany offers several integrations with existing apps and technologies, such as:

  • SSO (Single Sign On) / SAML2
  • User provisioning 
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Calendar integration, with the possibility to sync Sherpany meetings in any calendar (Microsoft Outlook 365, Google, etc.)
  • Video calling solutions (Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Skype, Google Meet, etc.) for remote meetings
  • IFTT
  • Box
  • Auth0
  • Customizable API
  • Mobile Device Control
  • Microsoft first strategy

Data security is a top priority at Sherpany. As a result, there are several measures in place to: 

  • Secure your meetings 
  • Safeguard your data, and 
  • Assure data privacy. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Different levels of access to meeting documents
  • End-to-end encryption methods
  • Compliance with the EU's GDPR, and the security standards outlined by the Swiss Data Protection Regulation. 

Please visit our security page to discover all of our security measures.