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Sherpany handles strategic information with the utmost care. Learn how the company gathers, uses, discloses, and manages third-party data.


Data security is extremely important to Agilentia AG (hereinafter: "Agilentia"). The protection of company and personal data during all business processes is a genuine priority.

Agilentia owns Sherpany, which provides the service in connection with the software developed by Agilentia (hereinafter: "Sherpany services"). By using the Sherpany services, the Customer declares himself or herself as in agreement with the use of recorded data being processed in the manner and for the purpose described thence.

Agilentia adheres to the applicable legislation in force regarding the processing and treatment of personal data. The Swiss Data Protection Act in particular. Agilentia shall collect, store and edit personal data only for the purpose of providing services. This includes managing and maintaining the Customer relationship; ensuring high quality of service; and security of operations and infrastructure.

Service provision in collaboration with a third party

Agilentia only shares data with third parties for processing as is necessary to fulfill its contractual obligations. Only if a service is provided by Agilentia in collaboration with a third party, then Agilentia may pass on personal data about the Customer to the third party. This is limited to the extent necessary for the provision of such services.

Agilentia ensures that contracted third parties are under the same obligations to maintain confidentiality as Agilentia itself. Third parties Agilentia are indebted to process personal data exclusively in the same way as Agilentia is permitted to, and to ensure compliance with the same privacy and data protection commitments as Agilentia.

Collecting and storing Customer data

When a Customer uses Sherpany services, the following Customer data may be required or generated automatically.

  • Customer data that Customer enters when registering for Sherpany services. Examples include personal data (such as name, address), Internet Protocol addresses/IP addresses and service-specific settings);

  • Customer data arisen when using Sherpany services (e.g. information regarding duration and frequency of usage of a Sherpany service)

  • Non-personal data arisen due to technical processes when using Sherpany services.

Agilentia collects and stores on its own servers or on a central server located in Switzerland and/or in the European Union.

Customer's personal data will be accessible by Agilentia's employees, as well as, by the companies with which the customer has linked himself or herself on the platform.

Agilentia processes Customer’s data in order to provide its services. Customers give Agilentia permission to process their data for the following purposes:

  1. to fulfill Agilentia’s contractual obligations and to guarantee a high quality of service;

  2. to maintain the security of Agilentia’s operations and the infrastructure of the Sherpany services;

  3. to carry out necessary work to maintain and develop Sherpany services.

Retention of personal data

Agilentia stores personal data for as long as it is necessary to provide Sherpany services, granted there are no legal obligations to the contrary, such as commercial or statutory fiscal retention periods. The personal data is deleted from the Agilentia systems once the Customer decides to cease activity in relation to the Sherpany services.

Links to third parties

The Agilentia website may contain links to offers from third parties. Agilentia has no influence on how these providers deal with the Customers’ data collected on their own websites. Agilentia is, therefore, not responsible for the supervision of data protection regulations by the providers linked to the Agilentia website.

Cross-border disclosure of data

Agilentia will disclose Customer's data abroad only if this is necessary to ensure that Sherpany services are provided and only within the European Union. Agilentia will agree by written contract (guarantees) with the relevant recipient of the personal data that such third parties maintain the same level of confidentiality, privacy and data protection compliance as Agilentia.  Personal data continues, therefore, to be properly safeguarded.

General Data Protection Regulation

Although Sherpany adheres to the strict Swiss data protection laws and, thus, has already implemented a consistent level of data protection and security, Sherpany is working towards being fully compliant with the GDPR by the 25th of May 2018. Full GDPR Compliance Statement.

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