Sherpany 21: Advancing meetings together

At Sherpany, we are committed to continuously improving our product and our services. In the last year alone, Sherpany has released numerous new features to help leaders enhance their meetings and achieve more.

Our latest innovations:

Seamless management of meeting topics

Topic Hub

Our Topic Hub is the place where organisations can orchestrate their meeting topics. It’s where topics are collected in a collaborative way and from where they make their way to a meeting agenda when the time is right.

Enabling collaboration no matter what format

Microsoft Office Integration 

Sherpany’s Microsoft Office Integration feature allows Meeting Organisers to request and collaborate on documents ahead of meetings, removing the headache of juggling and combining PDF documents.


Presentations that everyone can follow with ease 

Presenter Mode

Our Presenter Mode overcomes the challenges that meeting leaders and attendees face when presenting in meetings by ensuring that presentations are shared with ease, in a way that aligns attendees and ensures that no personal content is shared. 

Connecting every aspect of your meetings

Video Conferencing

The future of meetings has arrived. Sherpany Meet is our brand new video conferencing functionality, which unifies the entire meeting experience in a single, easy-to-use platform.

The first step in optimising your meetings 

Meeting Feedback

Feedback is vital to improving everything, and meetings are no different. Sherpany’s Meeting Assessment feature automates the process of collecting and aggregating feedback, so that you can continuously improve your meetings. 

Features powered by your insights

We welcome all feedback through our Product Board, which helps us to decide what to focus on next.